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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Guest Book

Hello Guest
Welcome to my blog. Please let me know your valuable comments and suggestions in order to enrich the overall look and feel of this blog. Click on the Post a Comment link and write whatever you feel. Do leave an everlasting impression suggesting that you had been here.

I would be more than happy for that. ...And keep visiting!

Take care...


sagar said...

hi chiranjib,
i am sagar...frm mumbai....i m a arthakranti volunteer...i read ur comment on this subject...if u support this movement v need ur help ....please join the movement by joinin the arthakranti group on yahoogroups....also help to spread the word among ur friends and let us knw ur queries and opinions which will hlp us to improve if there are any flaws. mail me at sagarrt2000@yahoo.com, together we can make a difference.

Chiranjib said...

Welcome to my blog! Yes, arthakranti movement did seem very interesting to me. Wait, I shall visit your site, have a detailed conception of what it is all about and then join you on Yahoo groups! Thanks!

shiwuz said...

Chiranjib... Taking a look at your blog and finding many interesting articles... It will take some time to catch up with all of them, however just wanted to stop by and congratulate you for having such a wonderful space set out here...

and surprisingly I found myself on your blogroll... Thanks much, need I say how much its appreciated?


Chiranjib said...

You deserved to stay on my blogroll... thats it!!!
Welcome to my blog, by the way... :))
Keep visiting and commenting. They inspire...