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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kashmir - an integral part of India

Kashmir has erupted once again. The issue dubbed as the "Freedom from India"!!!
But, before the world takes a stance on the issue, let us see what the history of the region says:
Check this link. Kashmir has always been and will be an integral part of India, no matter how much the separatists cry. And the whole idea of this 'revolt' is such an eye washer, given the fact that the state of Jammu and Kashmir receives the highest grant from the center. Did you ever check this article? Excerpt from the article, in the words of Vir Sanghvi:

“Kashmiri are Indian citizens but Indians are not necessarily Kashmiri citizens. We cannot vote for elections to their assembly or own any property in Kashmir. Then, there is the money. Bihar gets per capita central assistance of Rs 876 per year. Kashmir gets over 10 times more: Rs 9,754 per year. While in Bihar and other states, this assistance is mainly in the forms of loans to the state, in Kashmir 90 per cent is an outright grant. Kashmir’s entire Five Year Plan expenditure is met by the Indian taxpayer.”

Which is why J&K has 3.56 per cent poverty level while Maharashtra has about 25 per cent.

Right, India is not doing enough for the Kashmiris! Isn't it? So much for the separatists and the fundamentalists out there who are also responsible for nurturing terrorism. It is unbelievable that even after taking so much pains to keep the people of the region happy by dishing out millions of rupees in the form of outright grants, this is how they pay back. Sad, very sad. Some people do not simply understand. Blame it on how they are brought up or the way the fundamentalists teach them, they simply can't think of themselves as Indians.

Shame on the leaders there. In one of my earlier posts, I had mentioned about the plight of women in Pakistan's Swat region. The Kashmiris want that kind of a regime in their state, where:
  • Women have no right to freedom.
  • No science education for children.
  • Kangaroo courts for all decision making.
  • No law and order.
All in all, advent of the dark ages. I shudder to think that all of these happen in the 21st century!

Let me consider for a moment: What do the Kashmiris want?
Answers vary.

Case 1: One group is in favour of a separate Muslim country.
Case 2: The other group wants the state to be merged with Pakistan.

Let us analyse the cases closely.

Case 1: People who are in favour of this would never ever be able to make this dream true without India's help, like it was when Bangladesh was liberated in 1971.
Case2: Given the crisis Pakistan is in, Kashmir would give Pakistan and the militants across the borders a big strategic advantage wherein they would be able to cross over and attack any time. I am 100 percent sure, no single Kashmiri would be benefited simply because the state would then be utilized fully for militant activities. Today Hurriyat may think Pakistan is better than India as an ally, but their misfounded conception would fall flat sooner or later.

India, as always, a country with the biggest diversity in the world, is restrained even when its flag burns in its own land. Show me a country which will tolerate this kind of indecent and derogatory behaviour.

Pity, that the people of the land do not understand this.

There's an old saying in Hindi which I remembered:
दूध मांगोगे तो खीर देंगे
कश्मीर मांगोगे तो चिर देंगे

Long live India! Jai hind!

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Image courtesy: http://in.reuters.com


Valerine said...

Well I agree with your point of view....It like we stand united and fall divided....

Chiranjib said...