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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Quote: "I am a guy, that's why they did not like me..."

Hello World!

Long time truly!

I took a hiatus from blogging in between. You know - work and stuff.

But anyway, 2:39AM IST now and I have been thinking of posting something.

Let me narrate an incident from this evening today.

While returning, I saw an auto rickshaw standing by, with a queue of people there, but curiously no one was ready to board the auto.

I was in a hurry and decided to avail it without looking at who were my co-passengers. The moment I sat inside, I was greeted by my co-passenger.

Co-passenger1: "Ei je dada, apni to sundor uthe boslen.. aar oi dekhun oi lok gulo keu uthlo na! ki hoto bolun to uthle?"
Translated: "Hey brother, see how well you sat beside me and those guys standing in queue.. they were not ready to sit beside me.. come on! what could I have done?"

[The fact was - this guy was drunk - completely, hopelessly drunk. I could smell him no matter how I wished I would not. This guy was apparently very happy with me. In his report card, I had got letter marks already, simply because I chose to sit beside him. 
Drunk folks identify only two kinds of people - the "my dear" ones, their favourites and the ones they bitterly hate and would kill if given a chance. Anyway, he continued blabbering...]

Co-passenger1: "Ei jodi kono meye bosto, bindaas uthe bosto pashe... chhele to ami! pochhondo holo na..."
Translated: "If I was a girl, anyone there in the queue would have jumped into this seat. I am a guy, that's why they did not like me."

[Meanwhile co-passenger 2 speaks up from the front seat, equally drunk.]

Co-passenger2: "Ki re... meye ra to aageo bosto na, ekhon chhelerao boschhe na... tor ki hobe re?"
Translated: "Hey buddy! Earlier women would avoid you, now even men are avoiding! What will happen to you?"

[I heard a snoring sound and figured out that there was another one sitting on the opposite side, probably the worst affected by the ordeal, snoring already.]

Co-passenger1: "Ki re lalu! Oth oth, ese gelo je!"
Translated: "Hey Lalu! Get up buddy, we have almost reached."

[We did reach soon and Lalu had a tough time maintaining his balance and keeping his shoes intact in his feet. I glanced casually and got going.]