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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Experimentation and feedback

Hmm... It was kind of an experimentation to see if the 'welcome message' at the top of my blog was being received well by people all over the world. But it seemed to be a distraction. This doubt was further confirmed by preposterous girl, who wrote in a review of my blog at http://www.indiblogger.in/:

Hi Chiranjib..
I loved ur blog..U express well and it seems it is straight from the heart..It is regularly fed as well.. Kudos.. I'm following u now..
But one suggestion.. Whenever we open any post the first thing on the page is ur intro and the post is pushed down so we have to kind of scroll down..that was a distraction for me..When I click on a post ,I just want to read the post..Thats my point of view..

Hmm... well, even I thought the same, so decided to move it to a separate page, so you can now see a Welcome tab beside the Home tab. And you know what, I really wanted to post the welcome message in a backdated format, but did not work out the way I wanted. Anyways, please ignore the 'Welcome' post just below this one. It is a one-off error and would soon find itself in the archives.

Regarding the feedback, well, she has been really generous and kind! Actually you all have been. That is why this blog exists. Thanks again!

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About me

Welcome to the world of Chiranjib Mazumdar. This blog was created by accident, when during a chat with one of my seniors from school, Partha Pratim Sanyal, he suggested me about writing a blog. That was way back in 2007. I was initially clueless as to what kind of articles should be written and so, you will find some articles from eminent authors in place during the first few months. Only, later I got the real essence of blogging and the power that it imparts. And I started 'real blogging'.
"Going out to the world" is such a lovely concept and over the last one, one and a half years, I have tried creating a niche out for myself. I don't know how much successful I have been, but whatever little, it's all because of you, readers.
Thanks ! Thanks for visiting and commenting! They really inspire!

Some more facts about me, in case you are interested ;)


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So that's it and all.

For you, the new visitor, go around this blog and click through any and every link that you find interesting or which may interest you. And leave comments and feedback.And yes, if you find something objectionable on this blog, drop me a note at chiranjibmazumdar1@gmail.com and I would review and remove, if applicable.

Nov 26, 2014 - Off late I am intrigued by the passion for photography. You can find my page on Facebook here. I also have a digital presence in YouPic. Please do like and share if you like my work.

Signing off...
With regards and love,

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The feat of the Indian Navy

Wow... another of those incidents when the Indian Navy showed its class. Most of you must have read about the recent incident when the air borne marine commandos saved the Liberian merchant ship MV Maud from the hand of Somali pirates. Those who have not, here is the link. Go through it and feel proud.

Well, the Indian Navy has really come a long way since the day of its inception in 1612. Today, the navy has an enviable fleet of warships and destroyers which are capable of disarming any potential threat. And the most potent of all is the crew of naval staffs and officers who have taken every pain to guard the Indian coastline.
But, it was not all roses for these maritime warriors. The Indian navy came in for a lot of flak for their inability to detect and stop the perpetrators of the 26/11 Mumbai massacre, when the terrorists hijacked the fishing trawler Kuber and entered the metropolitan through the sea route.
But their marine commandos, better known as the MARCOS did a fabulous job along with the police and NSG in eliminating all the terrorists, except the only one captured.
All in all, the scar of the Mumbai attacks and other atrocities on India shall remain forever, but, to the men who brave all odds to save our life and property and protect our motherland, we salute and bow with deep gratitude!

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Image source: en.wikipedia.org

Friday, May 29, 2009

Thorough professionalism?

What does a person do when he feels down and out?
There are probably a hundred things or even more:
  • Hum a song
  • Listen to music
  • Confide in others
  • Write a diary
  • Start self introspection
  • Pretend to be happy and forget everything
  • Dance
  • Watch television
  • Resort to vodka or rum
  • Play video games
  • Poke nose in others' affairs
  • Sleep
  • Pretend to sleep
  • Immerse in work
  • Immerse in a pool
  • Go golfing
  • Or may be a picnic
  • Start a new hobby
  • Play cricket
  • Think philosophically
  • Curse whoever is at sight
  • Pat dogs or cats
  • Feed birds
  • Get involved in photography
  • Catch a movie
  • etc etc etc....................
What do I do? I simply blog! :D
Yes, today is another day when I am feeling down and out. Trying to cope with it and find out what is the reason behind it. Oh.. forget it! I know, don't I? Pretension is not exactly necessary here. Let life be as it is!

But yes, being morally correct and impartial takes its toll, as it is taking on me at the moment. Being a thorough professional in one's work life is not very easy. There are always a few people who would not like the progress you make and there would be others who had forever been endowed with praise. And they find it difficult to take in when there's a flak waiting for them. Now now, how can one praise someone always! Flaws have to be pointed out. Come on! Everyone has flaws, even I have. So what the heck!

Once I decide I am gonna be impartial and true to my conscience, it hardly matters who is a friend and who is a foe. For a true professional, friendship and professionalism are two separate levels and never should both of these intermingle! Alas! Few people in the industry understand this.

I shall end this post with the following example:
Raju and Mahesh are friends since the school days. As destiny would have it, they find themselves in the same industry as well. By luck or my chance (or Luck by chance), Raju get placed up higher up in the hierarchy and has Mahesh working in his team. Now there is a certain incident that gets escalated and Raju has the tough task of making this clear to Mahesh. He does it, but that results in their friendship getting affected. Now, sample two scenarios here:
Case 1: Mahesh takes it deep in his heart and that affects their friendship. Even Raju feels, it's time to play the tough task master. Here personal and professional standpoints get intermingled and results in a strife.

Case 2: Mahesh understands it from a professional standpoint, but does not let this impact their personal terms. Still, they hang out together in pubs and catch a movie together on weekends. But while at work, Mahesh is now extra cautious, so as not to make the same mistake repeatedly. Even Raju can breathe a sigh of relief, now that everything is in place as before.

Tell me friends, which case do you like more and why?
I would go with Case 2. As they say, "Never mingle professional and personal relations".

Hello! Is someone listening? (or reading this?)

Image courtesy: www.fotosearch.com
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Sins

Came across this post, as I was blog hopping. I was shocked!
No amount of contempt is enough to condemn the incident. Look at it closely:
A 17 year old girl is made to lie on the ground and beaten with a rod brutally all over her body as hundreds of people look on. After the 'punishment', the girl is taken away.
Sad. Very sad.
But I am against condemning a particular community for this, simply because, such incidents are common everywhere in all communities, the only common factors being illiteracy, poverty, frustration and primitive behavior and yes, a subtle criminal intent.
Here are a few examples:
  • Lynching is common across all races in all time lines. Check this link. It shocking, shameful and sad.
  • A 55 year old woman lynched in Bihar by 5 girls. Here is the link.
  • Check what the Maoists did here.
  • Remember Abu Ghraib prison cell? Check Wikipedia here.
  • And then the famous beheading by Taliban militants. I don't think there is a need to share the links.
  • Do you know about the SriLankan atrocities on either side?
So? My point is: It's the case of mass illiteracy, cruelty, lack of moral behavior and ethics and the biggest of all: THE LACK OF HUMANITY, OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD.

We typically like to group people based on Nationality, Race and what not! But as all Indians are not snake charmers, all .......s are not terrorists or brutal creatures who commit sins like what was described as the first incident of this post.

But, it goes without saying that all these fundamentalists, terrorists and .... need to be dealt with severely, if we want to make the world a safer place to live. All those people who think they are God (read Satan) and have the authority to give punishment to other people without the verdict coming through an established court of law deserve TO BE HANGED TILL DEATH.

But, please, let us not pin point a particular group! May common sense prevail.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aila goila

Finally the "Aila" has left West Bengal and gone further north but with much reduced intensity. We were fortunate enough that the Cyclone touched on the shores of Bay of Bengal, but did not enter the land, else there could have been mass catastrophe.
I was going through an article in the Telegraph today, which hinted that had the cyclone actually entered the land, it could have created a havoc similar to 1864, which had killed 60,000 people!

Pity those unlucky people, who lost their lives. May their soul rest in peace. *sigh*

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Monday, May 25, 2009

'Aila' on in full swing

The monsoon has come in thick and fast in West Bengal and Orissa. The 'Aila' is taking a big toll on the people out here, especially the poor fisherman, some of whom made the mistake of venturing out into the wild sea. As I am writing this post, it's extremely dark outside, with the wind flowing with full gusto.

I left the office today at 4:00 PM riding on the high alert input. In fact most of my colleagues left round about then. But, unlucky me! The bus did not arrive on time and I was left stranded in the rain and wind for one hour. At times, it seemed I would be swept off my feet, but thanks to my 76 kgs of body weight. I was not. However, all this ordeal left be drenched and exhausted, with my dear umbrella having the toughest time of its life! Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. And I was picked up for good.

Had a lovely dinner some time back, consisting of khichdi, beguni, fish and a cauliflower dish. But I shiver to think of those fishermen who make a daily living out of the sea and some of whom have braved all odds and taken on the cyclone. May God save them.

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Aila :(

"Aila". No, this is not from Mr Tendulkar. This is from the northwest coast of Bay of Bengal. And like many others, I am waiting with bated breath. This could be tragedy for many. Refer to the article below. You would know what I mean!

Reference: http://www.imd.gov.in/section/nhac/dynamic/cwind.htm
BOB 02/2009/12
Dated: 25. 05. 2009 Time of issue: 1030 hours IST

“Red Message”

Sub: Cyclone warning for West Bengal and north Orissa coasts.

The cyclonic storm “AILA” over northwest & adjoining central Bay of Bengal intensified further, moved northwards and lay centred at 0830 hours IST of today, the 25th May 2009 over northwest Bay of Bengal near lat. 20.50 N and long. 88.00 E, about 140 km east-southeast of Chandbali, 130 km south of Sagar Island and 280 km southwest of Khepupara (Bangladesh). The system is likely to intensify further and move in a near northerly direction and cross West Bengal coast near long. 88.00 E (near Sagar Island) today, the 25th May 2009 afternoon/evening. Based on latest analysis with Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models and other conventional techniques, estimated track and intensity of the system are given in the Table below: Date/Time(IST) Position (lat. 0N/long. 0E) Sustained maximum surface wind speed (kmph)25.05.2009/0830 20.5/88.0 80-90 gusting to 10025.05.2009/1130 21.0/88.0 90-100 gusting to 11025.05.2009/1730 22.0/88.0 (over land) 90-100 gusting to 11025.05.2009/2330 23.0/88.0 (over land) 60 gusting to 7026.05.2009/0530 23.5/88.5 (over land) 40 gusting to 50
Under its influence, rainfall at most places with heavy to very heavy falls at a few places and isolated extremely heavy falls (≥ 25 cm) is likely over West Bengal and Sikkim during next 48 hours and over north Orissa during next 24 hours. Gale wind speed reaching 80-90 kmph gusting 100 kmph likely along and off West Bengal and north Orissa coasts which may increase from today, the 25th May 2009, noon to 90-100 kmph gusting to 110 kmph along and off these coasts during next 18 hours. Sea condition will be very high along and off West Bengal and north Orissa coasts during the same period. Storm surge of about 2-3 meters above astronomical tide is likely to inundate the coastal areas of south 24-Pargana and Midnapur districts of West Bengal at the time of landfall.

Damage expected: Extensive damage to thatched roofs and huts, minor damage to power and communication lines due to uprooting of large avenue trees. Flooding of escape routs over coastal districts of West Bengal and north Orissa.

Advice and Action suggested: Total suspension of fishing operations. Coastal hutments dwellers to moved to safer place. People in affected areas to remain indoors

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End of IPL 2

Yesterday marked the end of IPL season 2 - a tournament marked by intense action over a one month duration. Full credits to Mr. Lalit Modi for organizing it, the way he did. And South Africa played a lovely host. As said by Mr Jacob Zumi, the honorable president, "If there are requirements, we would host such tournaments again." And he also mentioned how benefited South Africa had been, in terms of the attention and limelight and potential boost to tourism and sports among others. He, for sure, was correct. The closing ceremony was fantastic with power packed performances by the Phoenix fire dancers, Akon, (our very own) Katrina Kaif and the legendary Eddy Grunt. I specially liked the phase where the musical rendering of "Raghupati raghava raja ram..." was done, beautifully, probably as a sort of a tribute to Gandhiji and reiterating the historical relationship that India has had with South Africa.

Looking back, IPL saw quite a few revelations this year:

1) At the top is the emergence of a blog "Fake IPL Player". The blogger fooled almost everyone with his insane comments and (fictitious) accounts of what happened in the KKR dressing room, day in and day out. It is not clear as to his motive of maligning the team and its owner, but one, for sure, enjoyed his sarcastic comments and nicknames given to players, starting from Bhookha Nan to Appam Chutiya. The blog showed a meteoric rise in viewership within a duration of 1 and a half months. The blogger apparently was NOT a player, NOT a support staff and NOT even remotely associated with cricket, but he shared the limelight in his own way, basking in the "reflected glory".
2) Next came the unimaginable minuscule performance of the KKR - a team which showed itself as a tiger before and played like a rat. No team spirit, failed 4-captaincy theory, no unity and no urge to win. One was left wondering if match fixing is back, big time! Whatever be it, some of the midas touch was back in the last two matches, if only......
3) Yes, the Deccan Chargers have done it! I knew it from the time they played their first match against the KKR and I had mentioned that here. Full marks to Gilly not only for the batting that only he can do, but also for the way he inspired ordinary players into performing like superstars. Take the case of Harmeet Singh and you would know what I mean. My only concern like many others is, why the hell did he retire? It happens only in Australia!!!
From my perspective, these three were the main highlights of this edition and yes, I am waiting for the Champions League T20 scheduled for October' 09. Boy, that's gonna be some fun! ...not to mention the T20 World Cup coming up!

So, all you cricket lovers out there, fasten your seat belts, we are gonna have a crazy ride this year!

Image courtesy: http://www.iplt20.com/

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

A tribute to my teachers - Part 1

Last night as I strolled back to my home from office after another of those tiring days, suddenly black and white thoughts flashed through my mind, my yesteryear, my school days and once again I was engulfed by nostalgia. I remembered my school, my good old friends and yes, my teachers. Then and there I decided that, although I do not have touch with any of them, I would show my gratitude, my respect towards them through the only medium I love so much, my blog.

Mr Manas Ghosh:
My school mates would recall, he was our history teacher - a man known for his simplicity and cool attitude. And he had profound knowledge in the subject he taught. One incident which I would like to recall here. It was class 8 and I had bought a new Hindi grammar book and taken it to school the first day. Those days, the book was not available everywhere and so, there was a crises. And as it occurred, we had one of those 'Games periods' when we all went out to chill ourselves out and when we returned, everything was there as before, only my book was missing. After so many years, I would not go into who did it or why, but as a fact, I never got my book back. I remember this gentleman, Mr Ghosh was our class teacher then and when I told him that "My dad would be very angry and would not buy me another copy", he looked at me for few seconds, but did not say anything. The next day, he called me up and handed me a photocopy of the book and said, "Study well." It dawned on me that he had taken the pain to get the whole book photocopied on his own and he did think of me and what trouble I would have to go through.
Hat's off to him! Today, I know, he is no longer associated with our school. In fact, I may not have the opportunity to meet him again in person, but I shall remember the incident forever. Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!

Mr Debabrata Chowdhury:
I have never seen a more popular teacher than him. He taught us art and craft. And being a graduate from the esteemed Government Art College, Kolkata he was and is a master at it. Whatever little I learned regarding painting was from him ( and from another person about whom I shall write later). I remember an incident (again from class 8). There was an all India Arts competition being held in Delhi and I was one of the lucky 6 selected to represent our school. But there was a huge discomfort at home, primarily because I had never travelled out before and that too without my parents, with only one teacher to accompany and 5 other young chaps. And yes, I was the youngest of the lot. As I told him about it, he asked me my address and wrote it down. The next day, he gave a surprise visit to my home and conveyed to my parents his wish. Ultimately mom and dad were convinced and let me go. The trip was a really enjoyable, although we failed to make a mark at the competition. After that, there have been numerous occasions when he guided me and helped me crack various competitions with ease. My only regret is, probably he had wished me to go to the Arts college, but as destiny would have it, I opted 'Engineering'! But, sir, I shall remember you.

Mrs Soma Majumdar:
She was our English teacher and I knew her right from class 1, till 12. And forever, she would scold us in the same way, "Shame on you!" A motherly figure for me. I remember having been a victim of partiality in school on numerous occasions. This was in class 2. Once during a history test, I had forgotten to take my "Class test" copy. Instead I wrote the test on a loose sheet provided by one of my friends. I wrote the test very well, only to find out that although I had actually secured a 23.5 out of 25, it had got reduced to 13.5 only because I had not taken the copy. These days, I laugh about it. But, then, in class 2, I had cried my hearts out. Soma ma'am was my class teacher then and when she got to know the reason, she promised me,"Don't cry. I would talk to her." Eventually the marks had to be increased, although I was not exactly the blue-eyed boy of the 'concerned' teacher. As you would understand, poking nose in others' affairs is not taken very kindly anywhere. But she did it for me. And ma'am, I am still grateful for that. And I am also grateful for another of those famous names that you gifted me later, when I was in class 12, "The Volcano".

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Monday, May 18, 2009


Oh great beyond
Why do I forget every time
That you are out of my reach
That there is an eternal difference of actual
With the virtual
That there shall forever remain
Howsoever small a distance
A distance that is insurmountable...

1 2 3 cha cha cha
4 5 6 cha cha cha
And the list goes on...
I jump from one rock to another
Much like that old frog
On a rainy night... **croak croak**
Little time to rest on a single one
And yet, I look back to see where I had last been...
Confused thoughts of a confused soul...

The days gone by
Were the ones with the golden tinge...
Wish them back...
So much so...
And yet,
There is a distance that is insurmountable...
Confused thoughts of a confused soul...

PS. That was a meaningless mystery of words. Totally meaningless?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A marriage made in heaven

Huh... The last few days had been very tiring as well as very enjoyable. One of my cousin brothers got married. Here are a couple of snaps. Hope you like it! 

As I had stated in one of my previous posts, a Bengali marriage ceremony is a cumbersome affair involving a lot of energy and effort. But in any case, the happiness of a new member entering the family is inexplicable.

May the newly wed live happily in their dreamland.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love and Friendship

“Friendship may, and often does, grow into love, but love never subsides into friendship.”
-- Lord Byron.

The reason I quoted this is, I often get to hear people commenting on couples broken up as... "They could have continued as friends." or, "Friendship is bigger than love" or like RJ Arvind went on air the other day, saying, "Who said love cannot turn into friendship?"

Well, it's all very debatable. It may be possible for some, not for others.

Essentially whenever a person falls in love and then out of it, a void is created instantaneously. The human mind immediately tries to fill the void with whatever is available at hand. If it really gets filled up, well and good. In that scenario, it is possible for the old love to turn into friendship. This is a good instance, as whatever pain had been there, is slowly minimized and may even become null and void at one point in time.

In another scenario also, this is possible. Suppose, if the person is hurt the first time around and he/she gets hurt even more the second time, it becomes easier to forget and forgive the first instance. Because now, the latest instance assumes a bigger proportion and the older problem seems lesser of an issue. However, this is an unfortunate instance in the sense that, here, the sorrow remains. It only transforms or to some extent gets distributed from one object to another.

The Lord had considered the quotation in only one light, where the unlucky person had none else to look forward to in the event of a break-up. It was logical as well in the sense that, society was not as open, as it is today. Love itself was sort of a taboo. And there were more boundaries than what was visible with the naked eye. But, in today's scenario, probably love can turn into friendship if the will and intention are in the right places.

But all said and done, there are very few people who have been able to prove Lord Byron wrong! Readers, what's your take on this? What do you think?

Image source: www.zorpia.com

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Smart Politician

I had an ordinary day today. Oh. There was a funny incident as I was returning back home. As you are aware, these days there are lots of political campaigns going on and believe me, no sound (or 'decibel') restrictions are followed. The leaders (lean, fat, short, tall, fair, dark, old and young alike) shout like anything and pretend to know anything and everything about Indian politics, history, economics, geography and you name a subject and they know it. Few weeks back, there were such statements from one such 'know-all' person, that I tended to forget what I had learned in the good, old NCERT books in school. Anyways, today's incident was different.
As I was turning towards my apartment, I saw a 'leader' shouting at the top of his voice on the microphone. There were at least 40 chairs lined up in front of him, out of which (sadly), only 5 were filled up (you know by whom). In the midst of his 'revolutionary' speech, suddenly he fumbled and started searching for words. Probably he had run out of ideas and then, it happened. He saw me, smiled and felt rejuvenated. He began,"Yes, we all know what has been done for the Information Technology sector.... blah blah blah" Thanks to my attire and backpack. He had well understood my profession and used it to good effect.
Conclusion: Politicians, these days, are very smart!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Corporate Love Birds

Pitch black darkness inside my office bus. It was 8:20pm at night and supposedly, I was the only passenger aboard. Dropped down my backpack with a certain amount of relief, folded up my specs and neatly wrapped with a small cotton cloth that I always carry. I felt good, going home at last. The fact that I was the only one aboard egged me on into starting a folk song. Well, as I cleared my throat and was about to begin the first line, that I found I was not the only one aboard. In fact I had almost succeeded in breaking the sweet honeymoon that a couple close by was engaged in. Thankfully, I was quick to understand my mistake and settled down as fast as possible without looking back, pretending not to notice.

Just a thought, is it becoming increasingly difficult for love birds to find a suitable happy hunting ground? And is the civic society being encroached upon as a result? Questions for you, readers. Pour your hearts out!

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Alone forever

Tonight there was a surprise round of rainfall and thunderstorms, bringing about a sigh of relief for all and sundry. As I lay cuddled on my bed listening to my favorite FM radio station, I suddenly felt very nostalgic, very emotional. Multiple thoughts passed through my mind. Incidents which I had long forgotten, but which had left scars. There were questions unanswered and answers not received. Suddenly I felt very lonely. I am adept at giving advice to a lot of people but when I need advice, I listen to my inner conscience... try to dig deep into what has been, what had been, what could have been and what would be... Not that I always have the answers. And then songs like the following move me. Suddenly I find my eyes wet... don't know why...

The song is by legendary Manna Dey and has the biggest superstar of Bengal, Uttam Kumar featured in. Hope you like it.

Oh... The rain...

It rained after a looooooooooong time in Kolkata. And these plants really enjoyed the drops as they soaked them to their hearts' content.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One way

One way only
Whichever way I see it
There's one way only
I tell myself
"Do not try to cross over to the other alley
Do not stray
It would only cause more and more delay
Because there's only one way"
Oh you think I am a pessimist?
Ok... Go ahead and live my life
And you would see...
Guess what!
There's only one way...
And you thought I did not try?
I tried...
And there was life teaching me at every step...
"No use. There's only one way..."

Why is there so much silence?

Friday, May 1, 2009

The night sky

I was very happy with the result of this. There was pitch black darkness and I liked the reddish glow in the sky. Decided to capture... and it came off quite well.
No editing has been done on this picture.


Shadows. Somehow I have learned to admire darkness - has a dignity of its own.
The photo has been clicked with my new digicam - Panasonic DMC LS80.