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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mir, you rock!

Mir Asraf Ali, or, more popularly called as MIR. Yes, I am speaking of the same Mir of Radio Mirchi fame, the same wacky Mir of Dance Bangla Dance, the absolute comedian of Mirakkel and many more popular shows in the entertainment industry. This is the first time I am writing about a personality and the mere fact that I am writing about Mir implies that he has something in him that inspires a hundred people, if not more.

For people who do not know him well enough, let me tell you he is an RJ, an actor, an anchor, a comedian and well, there may be few more hats waiting for him! But what differentiates him from the rest is his way of reaching the top. From a simple village boy of a humble background, when all of his neighbours dropped out of school to earn a living, this guy stood his ground. He continued to toil hard amidst all hardships. He did not forget his father's saying, "You are my only investment." There is something in his life that is strikingly similar to mine, which I choose not to discuss here.

Today, Mir is THE RJ of Kolkata - a top notch entertainer... and I forgot to mention that he can mimic people with awesome ease. Even if he meets you and stays with you for an hour, he would be able to pick all your mannerisms. It is hardly surprising that people like Rituparno Ghosh are disgusted at his way of imitating and has tried to malign him by taking his comedy to the cleaners.

But, at the end of all these, the one thing that matters is: Are we being entertained by you, Mir??? The answer is: YES

Carry on the good stuff, Mir! You rock!!!

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