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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I got a Padmasree

hahahahahahaha.. :D
The way the prestigious national awards are being distributed freely, the day is not far when even I may bag a Padmasree (or bhushan) for 'whatever' reason!!
Some of the choices these year were baffling to say the least! I agree that some of the choices were proper and apt, but there were others which raised questions. I would not take names here, but if such awards are distributed with so much ease, I have serious doubts on the value quotient. I am equally inquisitive about the quality of judges and panel who nominate and select the awardees.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Are you a brand?

"Brand - Have you thought about it? Why is a Titan revered so much more than, say a certain HMT. Why people go gaga over Nike tees, when probably you can get the same sort of tee at 1/4th the price? Well, the difference lies in creating a brand value. These were mere materials. But these can well apply to professionals as well. Making a brand out of yourself truly matters. No two human beings look alike. But there are 'n' number of professionals who work in similar fashion day in and day out. So, give it a thought. What is it that makes you different from other peers in our experience level? Is there a difference? If there is, then work on it. If there is not, then work on it even more. In the process create a brand out of yourself. You should be known, not by your looks, your mannerisms or by your etiquette. Of course they go a long way in shaping up the brand. But they represent the 'look and feel' of a TITAN. The MAIN differentiating factor has to be in your longing for perfection, in your drive towards excellence, in consistency, in venturing in areas which others are afraid of. Then, my dear friend, you will be able to create a positive difference for yourself as well as the organization."

"Again, it all lies in the basics. Jot down your strong and weak points. Sharpen your strong points. Work on your weak points. Stay focused, committed towards creating value. A great way to stay motivated is to dream, to view yourself as the most successful professional you have ever seen. To create an imagery out for oneself is a big step forward towards really achieving the oh-so-dreamy dream!"

I told myself all of these in the morning today. Knowing what to do is one thing and doing it actually is a separate story altogether. What do you think, friends?

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Resolutions

Hi people
I am back as promised. If the resolutions for 2009 were crazy, this year it would be simple, realistic!
1) I wish to have greater control over my emotions. I know I can control my mind, but I want it more.
2) I wanna get rid of my blocked nose.. no I don't want to cut it off, but may be, use a nasal strip for good amount of ventilation. Few people know that I am the biggest consumer of nasal drops in whole of India!
3) I have become a fan of 'raaz pichhle janam ka' (secret of the past life) regularly aired on weekdays on NDTV Imagine. If you ask me: Do you believe in past life? I would say "Yes". So, the resolution is: I would go and have a glimpse of my past life!
4) I have NOT taken anti-rabbies vaccine coz I was not bitten by any dog. But I may need to take one other type of vaccine, which, to my dismay, is yet to be manufactured worldwide. I may start a bit of research on it.
5) I need a bit of sleep. I can sleep. I will sleep. I must sleep.
6) Number 4 is even more important because I am thinking of pairing up. Say 'cheers' to the thought, at least!
7) I need some cash. My bank balances are at an all time low.
8) Some big challenges are likely to come my way. I think it would be cakewalk for me, though. (When I say "I think", read "I am DETERMINED to make it a cakewalk")
9) I need to catch some movies at a theatre. I watched the last movie in October'09. Now, would you believe that?

I don't think I wanna jot down any more. With the clock hitting 3AM, it's time to hit the sack.

What are your resolutions for 2010? Feel free to jot down in the comments section. The page is all yours!