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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Graphology - an introduction

Hi friends,

As promised, I start off with Graphology. Let me tell you, I came across this fascinating science first while reading a story where the protagonist was a graphologist.
Now, what is graphology? As far as I understand, it is the science of inferring human behaviour, psyche and attitude by analysing handwriting !
And it is very interesting. Once I heard about a guy who used to imitate the handwriting of famous people, be it Abraham Lincoin, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and many more. And, you won't believe, there came a time, when he actually started suffering from identity crisis ! That was because each of these great people had a different persona and whenever he used to imitate one's handwriting, his/her's signature traits used to appear in his behavior/psyche. I am not sure, whether he could be cured, but the point of raising this was to highlight the importance of handwriting for every individual.
And one very important thing, in India, we tend to give much importance to the look and feel of handwriting without knowing any of the traits. It is presumed that if the handwriting is clear, alphabets crispy, all letters of the same size and shape, almost like being a printed block, then its great ! Let me tell you, this notion is absolutely rubbish ! Typically, people possessing picture perfect handwriting (as if printed in Arial font) are the most likely to be very average in life ! because, slants, sizes, style, pressure applied while writing all have a subtle role to play in moulding an individuals attitude and psyche. Rather I would say, they are interdependent.

Now, a few basic handwriting traits that tells us about an individual:
Here they go:
1. Slanting towards right:
I have seen many in my life with this trait. Typically, these individuals are more expressive and emotional.
2. Slanting towards left:
There are quite a few with this trait as well. These people are exactly opposite in nature to those above. They are more introvert, less expressive andfar less emotional.
3. Straight up and down:
These people are more rational and logical. They combine the traits of the above two categories of people. These people can stay cool and behave rationally even in tight circumstances. This is possibly the best trait to have as far as slant is concerned.
4. Small size handwriting:
These people have the capability of outstanding focus and concentration. This is typicall referred to as less social handwriting.
5. Large size handwriting:
These are the ones who are more outgoing, much more social. They like more fun at the party !
6. Y-Loops:
The Y-loops can tell a lot. Take a look below:

So, its time you start checking your handwriting. It can reveal a lot ! Lot more coming up in my next posting. Until then, chao !


Anonymous said...

I'm apparently a serial killer with a good streak in me! :)
From my handwriting, of course!

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