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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vande Mataram

The last few days had been intense. However, now that situations are under control, we can possibly let out a sigh of relief. But patriotism is what I have in mind right now. Was checking out this video in Youtube and felt a lot emotional. Check it out. Every Indian should feel proud watching this and kudos to A.R.Rahman for the genius that he is.

Here is the link to YouTube, just in case the video does not work out as expected.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorists, rest in peace

Finally the war on Mumbai has been won. Kudos to our security forces who dealt with the challenge with awe inspiring precision and technique. However, in the process, we lost top cops like: Hemant Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte. We lost commandos like: Major Unnikrishnan, Gajendra. And we lost many more martyrs from the security forces. But believe me, these people who gave away their lives for the cause of the motherland will inspire every Indian mother to give birth to their clones. Any jehadis reading this post? Come and kill us. How many will you kill? We are more than a billion. Do you have those many bullets? And if you faulter, you know what is in store for you. Don't you? So, come hypocrites. We welcome you to the Indian soil! Come only if you want to die. Remember, Indians are courteous, they treat their guests well, but that is only their mannerism, their ritual, custom, NOT weakness!

The intentions of the separatists are pretty clear:

  1. Drive away foreign investors, so that India does not get share of the mullah.
  2. Encourage anti-national sentiments among minority groups.
  3. Instigate communal disharmony.
  4. Make the economy weak.
  5. Target top cops and kill them, so that our very own gangsters can do whatever they wish to and also the ongoing investigations are hampered!
  6. Enough evidence that our good old neighbours have been very helpful in this regard, not withstanding the trust that we Indians have in them.

I have much pity for the young innocent boys who fall into the trap. They are taught to hate Indians, they are told that minorities out here are ill treated. I welcome them to my courtyard. Come and see their status. See that they not only enjoy equal fundamental rights, but much more than that! Don't be misled by what the brainwashers teach you.

I am lost for words at this juncture. I don't know what do they gain out of all these. If they are so worried about their brothers, why don't they invest in education, hospitals, relief and all ways of charity. Why use up all the resources in destruction of large scale? What's the use? What do they think they are gaining out of all these?

Any jehadi there??? Speak up! Answer me!

I know they won't. They are basically psycho, suffering from intense inferiority complex. They are jealous of the progress that India and the developed world are making. So they want to cripple us.

But they would never be successful in their overtures. You know why?


Image source: http://sify.com/news/

Friday, November 28, 2008

Aye ganpat...

Aye ganpat chal daru la...
Aye ganpat, ganpat....

Gone are the days when the roadside taporis would have a sip at their glasses after a hard day at work and murmur songs like these. It's all so tense now. People huddle together behind close doors lest a stray bullet finds its way into their frame.

As the counter insurgency operations continue for two long days, the situation is still not under control. Security agencies are trying their level best to curb the threat posed, but owing to hostages who are trapped in the middle, they cannot go for a full-blown attack. Only time will tell, how many more civilians and brave officers would sacrifice their life. The retards have left no stone unturned to ensure that the peaceful life of the Mumbaikars is distorted. But India cannot lose to petty threats like this. Hypocrites, like what these people are, who kill innocent people, take them as hostages and fire indiscriminately at unsuspecting officers CANNOT ruin the dream of a billion people. India stands tall amidst all these and we Indians, will ensure that terrorism in all its forms, is wiped out with no trace whatsoever.
We will again sing, "Aye ganpat....."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

To be pardoned till we die

I was just going through a post by Vishesh. The post was really very special as it probably succeeded in reducing my frustration and anger and also, taught me to think logically in these hours of crisis. The questions were obvious.
1) Why do few people turn so violent?
2) What are their needs?
3) Do they have some sort of complications?
4) Are they blackmailed?
5) Are they deprived of happiness?
6) Why do they get brainwashed starting from a tender age?
7) Why do they kill innocent people mercilessly? How can they?
8) Are they on some sort of sedatives or drugs, that they lose all common sense?
9) If it is indeed religion they are fighting for, then does it teach them to kill innocent people?
Once I get bored of anger as an emotion, it is grief that encompasses me.
Someone had told that a small child is like a mould of clay. Whatever shape you give to him, he takes it. I feel it is ditto with these guys. From a tender age they learn to hate and only hate. They are born and brought up in such a way that they have never looked at us as fellow brothers and sisters. They have only one word for us, ENEMIES and to teach us a lesson they would go to any extent, any, even if that means blowing themselves up! Pity, that they did not get to learn what the sages have taught for years.
"Live and let live" is not for them.
I totally agree with Vishesh that hatred gives rise to hatred. But, a tricky question that crops up in my mind is: If someone kills your mother with an AK47 in the middle of the highway, will you chant hymns of peace? But Vishesh, in spite of so many doubts in my mind, I have put your picture on my blog post as well.
See, you can counsel people like us, but can you counsel them????? Howsoever I wish, you could... even for that matter, if at all somebody could...
PS. Vishesh, hope you read my post. :)

To be hanged till death

The integrity, freedom and sovereignty of India has again been threatened. Read the story here. How long? How long will these cowards hit from the back. They are damn hypocrites who do not have the minimum common sense so as to spare even a five year old baby. They do not deserve our kindness. Enough has been said and done. It's time we act sternly. They need to be battered and left for hungry dogs to tear away their flesh. They are inhuman. If not dogs, let they be hanged until death. And please, for all those people who cry for human rights, these bastards are not human by any remote stretch of imagination.

"We would never hit you. If if you hit us, you are finished."

Let this be our slogan. Jai Hind!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Hi friends,

Hope all of you are at the pink of your health (not payslips!). Given the situation we are all in, it's not really a joke!
Nevertheless, let me not go into the detailed analysis of what is going right or wrong at the moment, not to say that I am not the right person for that. Hopefully, the situation would change.
Forget it! Last night I had a dream and I could not resist the urge of sharing with all of you out there. You know about copy and paste, right? They are arguably the most popular key combinations in use for Windows machines. I would like to refer to them as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
Now the dream:
I had a vision that all of us human beings are copy pasting food items. As a result of which, if I have one burgar ready, in seconds I have 25 more, at zero cost and effort. Trust me, for the duration, I was in a trance, I enjoyed every bit of it. Imagine, there would be no problems, had such a technology arrived. No dearth of food, no poverty, no anger, no resentment, no need for employment, no fighting and ..... the list goes on. It could be a viscious circle though as people are never satisfied with whatever they have got. They want more and more and more... which probably would give rise to problems. But a Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the hands of the right people would have solved so many problems!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Graphology - Part 1

Hi friends,
On public demand, I have returned with Graphology. I am still learning it. Be careful, while analyzing someone, always insist that they write a cursive handwriting, if you know what I mean. BLOCK handwritings do not reveal much. Anyways, here are few other traits to judge people:

1. "Go to hell K":

This trait applies for people who use a typically large 'K' instead of small 'k', even when the requirement is for the small 'k'. These people are typically arrogant, defiant and have a "do not care" attitude. These people move on their own and are very likely to become successful entrepreneurs and independent businessmen. Notice the 'k' in 'Jack'!

2. Handwriting slanting upwards:

Many people have this trait. Try writing on a white paper and see if this trait appears. Don't worry, it merely implies you are very optimistic.

3. One stroke T-crossing:

Implies your persistent nature. If you start off with a job, you do not end it unless its over and done. A very good trait to have. Notice the 'T' in 'To'.

4. Long downstrokes:

Next time you write a 'g' or 'y', note your downstrokes. Consistent low downstrokes indicate determination.

5. T-bars crossed at the top of the stem:

This trait is very important. I have seen innumerable number of people with T-bars crossed at the bottom or middle. But raising the T-bar cross actually helps in bringing more of self-confidence, high goals, good self image and a drive to achieve and succeed. If you don't have a high T-bar, change it now! Notce the T in 'self esteem'.

6. Signature size:

A very tiny signature implies a lack of confidence, whereas, a signature that is very big indicates a tremendous need to be noticed and also, a bit of arrogance.

Thats it for now. Hopefully, I would add more, soon. Cya.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Love Equations

Hi friends,

I am back with another post. Well, the topic this time is "Love Equations".
Not that I am going to write a romantic love story set on the lines of Laila-Majnu or Romeo-Juliet, neither any poem. Rather, I would try and assemble some of my thoughts scattered helter skelter till now.
Tell me something, have you ever fallen in love? Come on, you must have! There's hardly an individual in the civilized world who has not ever fallen in love. Now, has it ever happened to you, that a person whom you love does not like you. Quite possible, isn't it? The classical case of "Unrequited love"! But has something occurred like, someone loves you and you have got no clue!!! Hmm... I tell you thats equally possible. So barring the standard case of both-way traffic, how about a twisted one like:
A loves B loves C loves D.......

It might as well be a full circle, or even one with more than one loop. The tragedy in the above scenario is neither A, nor B, nor C, nor D is happy. But why is it so?
Only because, they don't know what is there in the other person's mind!
People do not usually tell because of numerous fears:
1) Fear of rejection
2) Fear of stigma in a conservative orthodox society
3) Fear of repurcussions
4) Fear of losing friendship

But had it occurred, like each was free to voice his/her views in front of all, then?
So let us have the declarations:
A -> I love B
B -> I love C
C -> I love D

Here, if C finds out that D is not interested in him/her, he/she might revert towards B. That way, as you understand, we have at least been able to make one pair out of the four individuals, which was impossible before. But this happens rarely!

I read about one other scenario in one of the management case studies which spoke about a situation in which, if men and women are allowed to openly disclose their preferences/likings for individuals, then the probability of effective pairing is enhanced.
Let me assume, there are 3 girls A, B and C
and 3 boys: X, Y and Z.
Suppose X and Y propose A
Z proposes C
B proposes Y.
The situation is quite possible. Please note that this should be an open declaration and each should know about the other person's intentions. In this scenario, all are locked with some dilemma or the other. So how to find the way out?
First take the case of A. She has been proposed by two guys and she can't decide whom to pick. So she keeps both on hold. B has proposed Y and Y keeps it on hold coz, A's decision is pending. The scenario where Z has proposed C is the easiest because there are no rivals and eventually, this would be successful, if Z persists. So we take Z and C out of the total equation.
Now, we are left with X,Y and A,B.
The plan is to periodically let X and Y propose A. There would be a time when one of them would get bored of the situation, or be disheartened. If Y drops out, which is quite likely, since he knows there's someone waiting for him and even if he leaves, he would have B for company, the situation is perfectly matched. Then the couples would look like:
In the less likely case, if X drops out, we have a problem, in the sense that both X and B become singular then. Then the situation is like:
B -----
X -----
Then either B and X will have to look for individual avenues or have to patch up together. Patching up together would be an issue, because they never had any feelings for each other.

Everything is logical, isn't it?
However practical things seldom work out like this, simply because we are most essentially driven by heart, ego, sentiments and to a much lesser extent by brain!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever faced a situation?
When you have been stretched by imagination
To a point, where sense has no function?

Have you ever done something?
Thinking it would do good to kith and kin?
To a point of desperation...

And found to your dismay
Its all a mistake?

If you have, you are not alone...

Life gives opportunities of deeds
Where you can sow seeds, of several complexions..

Yet, sometimes, they do not sprout
Water them
And yet, they do not grow..
Instead, they quiver, decay and die.....

So are our thoughts, hopes, dreams
They are born, they grow, struggle to live
But how often...
They die a premature painful death....

If you think you are alone,
let me tell you, you are not...

Image source: www.voidexpression.net

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Hi friends

Its early morning here in Kolkata, the time being 3:55 AM, Saturday, November 1st' 2008, kinda foolish, you know, jotting down the date and time, even though it would be visible in the post. However, it doesn't matter. For the last half an hour or so, I thought about various topics - Which one to take up for this post...hmm..yeah, ultimately decided to take up "dreams". We all dream, right. Why few days back only I dreamt about being in the thick of an exam in school and striving hard to finish the paper on time, only to find out that there were 5 questions left at the end and the teacher was almost on the verge of snatching my answer sheet. The classroom was filled with people who constituted my school friends, my college mates as well as my colleagues from my current organization. The teacher collecting the papers was none other than my Team Lead! Well.. well... There have been others, where I have dreamt about my superficial girlfriends (some of whom I don't have contact with any more, some of whom are married, some of whom are engaged and others are all not available). But the point is: What are dreams? For generations, there have been various explanations on them. Let us take a look at some of the most-widely prophessed theories on dreams:

1. Dreams are the remnants of whatever we think about, day in and day out. They constitute our sub-conscious thoughts, our inner fears, or inner experiences, desires and blah blah blah.

2. However, dreams often come true as well and can be pretty accurate as well! Our grandfathers have taught us that depending upon the 'paksh' (15days interval before and after Full Moon, if you understand what I mean), whether it is the Suklapaksh or Krishnapaksh, dreams have greater or lesser probability of being true. Often meanings have been attributed on the kind of likely outcomes for specific kinds of dreams.

But whatever might be the truth, it remains that we are still in the dark on why we dream.

Let me quote Wikipedia on this:

Dreams are sequence images, sounds and feelings experienced while sleeping, particularly strongly associated with rapid eye movement sleep. The
contents and biological purposes of dreams are not fully understood, though they have been a topic of speculation and interest throughout recorded history. The scientific study of dreams is known as oneirology.

Let me not go into details of the wikipedia, you can always follow the link and know more. A lot of research has been going on this. However, I would like to concentrate on only one aspect: Why do dreams come true? Can the subconscious infer events which the conscious cannot? Is it something related to para-psychology? Are there any psychic abilities involved? These are the questions which plague me, but since, these are not familiar waters for me, I prefer not to venture at this point. Friends, if you know something, do let me know.