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Saturday, October 18, 2008

0.5 Molar solution?


You are surprised? You must be... It's me screaming at the top of my voice. You know why? It's because I have lost something. What? Friends, love, valuables.....
No... It's my tooth... my beloved molar in the lower right jaw! He died a painful death the other day, when I was thinking about savouring a delicious piece of chicken at a small party.
Poor me... I was hurt... For a minute or two I was dumbfounded. I could not make out whether it was my tooth or a leftover of the piece... But I observed that a hollow cavity had appeared in my gum... Immediately I went to the washroom and thoroughly washed my mouth, just to check if any more remnants remained. But, poor me... It was only half gone... The upper visible part was gone, but the root was very much present! The days that followed were not very pleasant either... The part swelled out of proportions and I could not chew anything. There was very little time, so I could not visit a dentist either! All these compounded problems for me... what irritated me most was the fact that all the parties were scheduled on subsequent days, one after the other... and I did not stand a chance to enjoy any of them...
All of these in 'past' tense! So what's the present like?
Well, finally I visited a dentist and had medicines... I am using one end of my mouth to chew, the left jaw to be exact... but you know, overload causes breakdown! And now, I have started fearing about my left molars as well...

Friends, do you have a solution to this? (apart from surgery)

Image courtesy: http://images.elfwood.com

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