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Sunday, October 25, 2009

As of now...


This was by far my longest vacation away from my favorite blog. Not that I had disappeared into oblivion, but there was nothing worthwhile to write, or perhaps, I was more engrossed in my own world and wished to keep things to myself - be secluded from the hustle and bustle of the blogworld. But then, a fish cannot stay out of water and I cannot stay out of my blog.

What did I do all these days! Well, I tried a lot of things, succeeded, took important decisions, kept myself and others entertained and even sorted out a few disputes. Now now, I can testify to each of these, so, please do not think, I am making stories.

Lets follow a LIFO structure (last in, first out). Few days back I saw the beautiful 3D movie - Sea Monsters at IMAX, Mani Square, Kolkata. Apart from the fact that the movie lasted only 45 minutes, I liked every bit of it. The narration, the technique, the story line... all kept us deeply glued to the screen. Time and again there were big prehistoric underwater animals (sorry I don't remember their long names) who would gobble us and it occurred to me more than once, that I had literally ducked under to spare myself from the agony! All in all, it was pure fun. Let me not go into any more details about this movie. Go and catch it in a 3D theater near you and come back and tell me, how you liked it.

Next there was this impatient soul of mine who wanted 'change' badly, so tried out my luck (and my profile) at an MNC and cracked the all important interview. However, although the overall offer was pretty good, I declined to join on an important ground. I don't know whether I would regret my decision later, but a decision taken is taken and I really did have a valid reason. I would wait to see how the future unfolds.

There were a few disputes as well and people misunderstood me. Thankfully, I hope, this has been sorted out.

So, you can understand, it was indeed an eventful month for me. The one thing that I did was to validate my potential - that was really vital.

Finally, I lost one of my ex-colleagues and a dear friend. I still feel lost seeing his active profile on social networking sites and as an offline contact in gtalk. The same guy, the same smile.... the only harsh fact is: He is no more!

Rest in peace, Saroj. We will miss you always. God bless you!


Smita said...

Life throws horrible surprises on us!!! And sometimes I hate it!!!

Anyways good to see u back and it indeed has been an eventful month!!!

Congrats for the new job :)

preposterous girl said...

Hi Chiranjib..
Good to see you back. I'm also kind of back.. :-)
Congrats for cracking the interview. I'm sure u must be having good reasons for nit joining in there.. :-)
RIP ur colleague..

P.S. I gave u an award on my blog sometime in August , but then removed that post due to some reasons. I've now republished that blog. Please visit and carry it forward. and do enjoy my lates posts also.. :-)

Award post (link): http://preposterousgirl.blogspot.com/2009/08/you-all-must-be-knowing-by-this-time.html

Chiranjib said...

Yes, so true...
Thanks friend and am hopeful that I made the right decision..

@preposterous girl
Hi, nice to see you. :)
Thanks for your wishes. Hmm, yes, I do have some good reasons...
Thanks for your recognition too. I should now get some more inspiration to revitalize my blog! :D