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Monday, December 31, 2012

My email to Justice Verma

From: Chiranjib Mazumdar
Date: Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Subject: Reference to public notice - suggestions on amendments to criminal laws relating to safety and security of women
To: justice.verma@nic.in

Dear sir

This is with reference to the public notice given by you on Indian newspapers "inviting suggestions on amendments to criminal laws relating to safety and security of women".

Please note that I am a simple citizen of this nation and am shocked beyond words seeing the brutal nature of the crime and the horrific after-effects. No wonder it has generated the attention, it has.

Please find below my suggestions -
1. Rape cases need to be solved decisively within a month. If needed fast track courts should be established with eminent judges and jury as panel members. Women representation is a must in the panel.
2. Simple imprisonment and fine for the culprits who are proven guilty, is not enough, simply because in India, there is a social stigma attached to a person who undergoes such trauma. Punishment should be exemplary so that it serves as a deterrent and makes prospective criminals think a thousand times before committing such crimes.
3. While I think death sentence should be the minimum punishment awarded, chemical castration may be a more apt form of punishment that would remind the criminal of the guilt for the rest of his life.
4. There should be adequate provisions to ensure that any changes in existing law are not misused and innocents do not get trapped.

5. In case of the victim's death, death penalty should be made mandatory for the culprits.

6. If juveniles are involved in the crime, they should still be treated as adults.

7. The victim's family should be provided with all support and protection as needed, to prevent them from being harassed and blackmailed.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a member of the civil society and bear no connections whatsoever to the Lawyers' association, so my suggestions may be perceived as crude, but I hope I do echo the voices of millions of Indian citizens who are equally shocked as I am, with the recent incident.

It is high time that a strong stand is taken to prevent such incidents, because, for all you know, this has brought down the reputation of India in front of the whole world. I see tourism industry clearly getting affected with the negative publicity this incident has generated.

I sincerely hope that among the millions of emails you might receive, this email does get 2 seconds of attention.

Best regards,
Chiranjib Mazumdar

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