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Friday, June 13, 2014


I stare around me. I see people - faces, emotions, logic, disdain, faith, virtue, anger, happiness, peace and probably everything else you can think of. Sometimes I feel - Did I really sign up for these? Lessons or assignments… Was I meant to be the one to solve this mystery called life? I figure - "Yes ofcourse".

And guess what, I cannot leave this classroom till the assignments are over. How I fare, what I do, how I solve… well, I do not know if it matters. There was a time in childhood, when elders told me - it mattered. But then, there were two view points - few people brought past life into the equation as well. I was like - "what?" Confirm me if I deal with tasks for this life only or are there carry-forwards from the past as well? I doubt if anyone has the answer…

Sometimes I ask myself - how do I feel? And I smile and say - "I am happy…"

"I am happy because life gave me much more than I ever wanted. I am happy because I am more fortunate than a huge chunk of the world's population. I am fortunate that I can vent my views freely.   sometimes, I can vent some of my views freely. What is it with me? Am I scared? Am I timid? Scared of what - one might question. Scared of the unknown.

The unknown - Do you ever fear the unknown? Ever? Has it ever occurred to you that what you do not know yet might be the cause for your greatest misery and pain? And the worst part is, you are just helpless. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Does it erase my happiness? It does. Does it change my behavior? It does.

Sometimes I feel, if everybody thought the same way, what would happen? Person X thinks like Y and Y thinks like Z and just like that, every living human being thinks and acts identical. This can probably have two implications - either everyone will start fighting or everyone will be at peace and of course, the world would lack variety.

Variety of thoughts essential to make the world click. Thoughts are what make or break us.
Incoherent thoughts like this post of mine, for example, does not add any value. Oh wait, probably it does, it clears up the mind…

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Anusia said...

Good post. Whatever we think, we see the world in that way only.

... said...

Thank you :)