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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Monsoon fever !!!

Hey friends,

This evening I thought about adding something to my blog which had been barren for quite sometime now... :-(

And, believe me I could think of nothing else other than the sweet sound of continuous downpour outside. Ya the monsoons have come and they are here to stay. I sincerely wish I had been in Farakka this time of the year, since that is the place where one can truly have the pleasure of monsoon.

But in Kolkata, life is pretty horrible. As long as you are in your sweet home, everything seems normal, but as soon as you think of venturing outside, you are doomed. The roads are all clogged with water. The drainage systems are mere showpieces and to top it all, there are innocent looking open manholes waiting to engulf an unsuspecting being.

But life moves on.... and we know pretty well that "Life is not a bed of roses".

Don't we?

1 comment:

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

How I wish, the rains had stopped... but its not to be, as it seems at the moment... I can see through the open window... the dark sky waiting to flush all its anger...
On a musical note, "Rimjhim gire sawan"...