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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Food for thought

Hi friends,

Today afternoon as I thought about having a quiet nap, I saw a poor aged woman with a small baby crying aloud for alms. I sat up for a moment, went outside and saw her with the kid on her lap. Came inside, took some money and gave her.

But soon a realization dawned on me... We heard the slogun "India Shining". Didn't we?

IS INDIA REALLY SHINING? We have multiplexes, exquisite shopping malls, hitech technology parks, great universities. But we are not able to eradicate poverty, pain and misery. People like them roam about in the streets asking for help. We place few coins in their hands (some of us even don't bother to do that much)and close our doors and windows so that we might sleep peacefully !

Economic progress is fine ! Effort on building universities and industries is appreciated but what abt these people. Would they continue to suffer like this?

I need your help. Suggest things that could possibly help in eradicating the hardships that these people face. This is tough, never easy, I admit. But nothing good is ever easy.

Please help. Please suggest.

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