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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome Monsoon'2008

Trickle down the drops of rain
Across the hazy window pane
Thus refreshes the soul
Gives a new meaning to everyday goal
Gives new hope
And new refinements

As the birds chirp merrily
As the leaves ooze out greenery
Seems as if an artist has painted nature
With water color taking great care
Splashing beautifully all the seven colours of the rainbow

And have a look how the children play
Down there, in the small waterlogged alley
As you watch all these
As you observe
Don't you feel the urge to do something pure
Something for mankind
Something for God to bless with

There remains sorrows, miseries
Nature has its own vagaries
Did you look at that old wretched man on the other side of the road?
Did you see the shabby old linen cloth?
now soaked wet with dirty froth?
If you did not, observe...
If possible, serve...
Something soothing for him to thank you
....and to thank god !

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