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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Much ado about "nothing"

You know, friends, I thought about updating this blog of mine... thought about writing something new... fresh... enthralling... but there is nothing substantial worth writing about. Then I thought lets elaborate this 'nothing'. Is it a thing? No... it's nothing. But what is this nothing? It is merely the absence of anything. But when we say, absence of anything, that absence also needs to exist. But it's again equal to nothing. And you know, there are other implications of nothing as well. For example, when you know you have messed up something in your relationship with your girl find, and you ask her, "Why dear, any problems? Any mistakes from my end?" I bet, the answer you would hear is "Nothing" and rest assured, there is definitely something about it. So "Nothing" varies depending upon the context in which it is used. It could mean everything, something and even nothing.

And believe me, this piece of bullshit that I've written down out of sheer laziness or craziness, amounts to nothing, and still some of you might say, it means something.

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