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Friday, September 19, 2008

Lovers categories

Hey people out there

In one of my last posts, I had mentioned that I am currently carrying out a study on the types of lovers that I see daily on the streets, buses, cabs, parks, tubes, restaurants, office, theatres and even social networking sites. So here are my findings. I hope you would find it interesting!

Types of lovers:

1. Lover kids

With the advent of romantic films in each and every household which are viewed by children, this category is on the rise. Typically, these children see a certain Shahrukh or Hrithik in themselves (or even Genelia or Preity). They dance to their heart's content in front of the mirrors and assume they have fallen in deep love. Romance at this age is very innocent and usually develops while exchanging notes or playing a bit of kabaddi. Girls, as always, are tempted by the boys, but being more mature, they play hard to get! [They know that funda from an early age] lolz... :D

2. Adolescent lovers

These are the more of the die-hard types. They are even ready to cut their wrists and risk their lives, while trying to show how much they care about their loved
ones, but sadly for them, it never happens that way! They dare walking down the streets with their loved ones hand in hand, though few of them would say things like, "We are just friends" or "No uncle, we are only brother and sister" when asked straight on the face. A short-lived type of romance and usually ends in tears!

3. College goers

Boys tend to be more daring and girls like to be bolder. They don't care for the elders any more. "Hey uncle, if we are making out, who are you to shout?" kinda stuffs... Things might go terribly wrong if people are not mature enough. Love triangles are mostly seen in this genre. And for some specific couples, they should think of Bula di before they think of something else! [Caution: I am only following the law of averages, so do not beat me up in the dark]

4. Office darlings

I am still a firm believer that office romance is all nonsense, simply because when any kind of business comes in the way of love, it usually suffers. But still
there are ample instances. What I have observed among these types is typically like: Romance develops while attending training sessions, helping each others out with problems and stuffs and during the lunch breaks. Most people involved here are already experienced, so they are mature, thus a somewhat greater chance for it to blossom. But beware: Keep out of the boss's eyes, else you are in big trouble! :P

5. Mid-age romance

There are few unfortunate ones, who could not get someone throughout their prime. They feel alone, bored and look out for like-minded partners. They feel at this age it is sort of a taboo, so they try to remain undercover. Next time you browse Orkut, look out for a "sexy Tina" or "Mohit alone" sort of profile and you would know what I mean!

6. Old-age illusions

Nope, I am not talking about the likes of Big B as in Nishabd. But these people are often terribly alone, many of them having had lost their life partners. These people search for their late spouses in young guys (or girls, as applicable). They love to see a spark similar to their long lost friends, but usually get disappointed on not
finding anyone, similar! Unfortunate instances, doubtless!
However, there are more fortunate ones, who are still coupled up and try to find their own spark in their children, they try to live their long lost romance through them!

Friends, as I feel, these are all cases with the law of averages and based upon the Indian scenario. These are all generalized and might be totally wrong. Nevertheless,
these are my views based on experience (I mean what I have seen). Any and every comment is welcome. :))

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Saumali said...

r you doing PHD on romance :P...seriously before reading these i really don't have such ideas regarding so many sides and types of romance :O :P