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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food is good? :)

Hello guys and gals

Ahhh.. people have started complaining that I am bunking my blogging classes! But believe me, I am so busy these days that it really is not possible to keep up with the blogging pace of some of my more esteemed blogger buddies. Also, there should be something worthwhile to blog!

So, after a few days of hibernation, here I come again! :P

I took my mom to a well known cardiologist in the city today and he told me thrice that I should take care of my diet! [Although, I was not the patient here]. It was a very sincere attempt on his part to disarm me from the regular junks that I find so enticing! Tell me friends, how can one stay away from Biryanis and Pulaos and Butter stuffed Pizzas and chocolates and ohh.. [I am hungry mentioning the names].

The choice lies between staying fit and healthy till 100 years and enjoying life to the fullest and live till, err, say 60 years! Now tell me friends which option would you prefer?

[If any doctor is reading this post, please do not get me wrong. PEOPLE SHOULD ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF THEIR HEALTH. As goes the saying, HEALTH IS WEALTH.]

Here is a poll that I created. Vote for your choice. This is only intended for fun. Please do take care of your health. Stay healthy, keep fit, be happy.

I shall catch you again...


Smita said...

hehehe...doctors I say!!!

When I had started with my aerobics classes there 3 reasons behind it

1- I wanted to be back in shape

2- I enjoyed dancing &

3- Most imp, so that I cud eat what I want to with no tension ;-)

Eat & be happy I say!!! :-)

Chiranjib said...


Can't agree more on this! :P

vimmuuu said...

LOL, you know what I do ! I walk like crazy, for about 4-5 kms a day and then hog like crazy too !!!! Its like no pain, then dont even think of gaining ! :D

preposterous girl said...

Hi Chiranjib..
Good that u r back..
These days blogging world is so silent..My reader is almost stale :P
I'm still not getting anything to write :P
And abt that cardio thing.. I'm also getting so much fatty.. :D :D
I also need to pull up my socks now.. But still on ur poll I clicked the first option.. :P
I wonder who was the only person who clicked the other option(the boring one.. :P )

Valerine said...

Well Chiranjib....Great to c u back :) ....
Well for foodies (me one of dem) it is difficult to keep their hands off yummy food....the only reason I avoid junk (big time) is coz i hate to c pimples on my skin...

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Tell me about it!! I had to lock the candies in a safe and swallow the key , but it so happens that most locks can be broken by a lock smith . . .

Chiranjib said...

Yes, sir! Walking is great for health! But don't go crazy! :D

@preposterous girl
Hey girl! Write something yaar! :D
GOOD that you clicked the first option. I am with you! :P

Now, that's an interesting angle! Do junk food cause pimples? Well I did not know that!

@Fantasies of a Lifetime
Next time you lock, give me the keys. Rest, I'll take care of! :D