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Monday, August 31, 2009

My khichdi life

Has been quite some time since I last scribbled on this blog. Thanks to my poor BSNL broadband connectivity, thanks to my mood swings and also, thanks to my new addiction, this blog felt neglected. The blogs which find me as a regular visitor missed me as well and I am sorry for that.
But, all said and done, I am back! ...as promised. :)

By now many of you must be thinking over... mmm... addiction??

Don't worry! It's just a game - the mafia wars! For those who are wondering what it is - it's simple to explain.
1. Get an account on facebook
2. Check out the applications available under the category 'Games'
3. Find 'Mafia Wars' and start playing!

I am sure, many of you know about it. For those, who do not, check out once! :)

On a separate level, I am over my emotional downswing at the moment and back at my lively best.

In the meantime, there were few incidents I really felt bad about.

1. In Kolkata, few days ago, three people lost their arms while jutting them out of the window of a running bus. Overtaking is a syndrome that Kolkata drivers will forever embrace, notwithstanding the amount of accidents their reckless behavior cause each year. They are fearless in a true sense and whom should they fear when they have so many dadas and union leaders and the who's who of politics at their arm's length! Pity those people who lost.... I even shudder to think...
But, lesson for all of us, "PLEASE DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR HANDS (OR HEADS) OUT OF THE WINDOW OF A RUNNING BUS" until and unless, you plan for a suicide!

2. A friend of mine lost his elder sister. It was a 'suicide', as per the note available. It was an 'accident', others say. But only the poor girl's relatives know what it was! It was sad... very sad...
Powerful people always tend to get away, don't they! That is one thing, that has not changed over the years.

3. I am reading Linda Goodman's "Love Signs" at the moment. A very interesting book - I must say. I am not a bookworm by any remote stretch of imagination, but even a guy like me has got hooked on to it. No plans to write a review any soon - until of course I am through with reading the whole of it.

That more or less sums up what I have been doing in the secret chamber of mine! ;)

Chao guys and gals. See you some other time... Gosh, I have a lot of other blogs to read and comment on...

***am coming friends...am coming***

Until next time..


Smita said...

Great to know that you are back to your cheery self :-)

Blame it to lack of time but somehow Facebook has never managed to hook me on...tries playing few games there but was bored quickly :D

Lind Goodman have read some but only for my sun sign ;-)

And those were two sad incidents...my maternal family has seen a suicide and I know how difficult it can be for the parents to accept the fact that they couldn't save their child.

Take Care!

Chiranjib said...

Thanks friend... keep visitng...

vimmuuu said...

and we all thought you got hitched??? Oh, btw, is that why you are reading love signs of Linda Goodman? ??? You could read Lindas Sun Signs, na?

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Glad to know u are back !! bus drivers are crazy all over the country , not to mention crazier passengers who hang on to the bus with not even half of their foot on the foot board .

Chiranjib said...

hahahahaha.. :D
not to be, my friend... :D
no way... I am reading that book out of my sheer interest towards occult and of the urge to know people and their motives better... :D
and I have read Linda's Sun Signs as well..

@Fantasies of a Lifetime
Ya girl, can't agree with you more on this... May God impart some sort of a common sense to them..

preposterous girl said...

Hey Chiranjib..
Good that u r back to ur cheery self and so am I.. So a Hi5.. hehe :D :D
U also addicted to this mafia thing..?!? many of my twitter friends are also completely in it and keep updating they robbed this and then that..huh .. ehehehe :D :D
Ur blog is really looking very nice and very easy to navigate..U have completely transformed from the time I first visited here from Indiblogger I guess.. :)
This "Taza" widget is really cool.. I'll also add after finding a nice template for my blog.. :-)
And have u changed ur header pic??

BK Chowla said...

HI, good to see you back.

Chiranjib said...

@preposterous girl
a Hi5 from me as well.. :D
ya girl, check out mafia, you'll like it...
yes I did transform my blog completely some time back, you were in hibernation then... glad that you liked.
Yes, I have a brand new header there, which I created while changing the template.. :D
...you did not notice before!! :P
Keep coming back!

@B K Chowla
Thank you so much! Please keep commenting...

Frisbee said...

Ha, Mood is very much required for blogging. I always wondered how people maintain their blogs constantly, but some or the other time, they forget about it, right??

And If you are not a bookworm and you are reading Linda Goodman's signs(Love or Sun), then you must be having someone in your mind, right??

Valerine said...

Well there are appalling things about this country that we can't change..Neither shud we live with them...but guess we all make small contributions in our own way..BTW glad that you have bounced back :) Keep the spirit going...

wow you are reading Linda Goodman's love signs..It just too good :)

Chiranjib said...

hmmmmm... right... :D
Reading Linda's book is out of curiosity. I do not have anyone specific in my mind at the moment - rather am only trying to know people better... :)

Agree with you completely. There are things that cannot be changed, but how I wish, I could have changed...
On a different note, you are correct, Linda's book is fabulous! :)

oorjas said...

so. when next... waiting for ur next post.. finished reading all these...

got a bit busy after the break.. :-)

Chiranjib said...

Welcome back!
I am suffering from the Blogger's Block I guess! Trying to get over it!
Would post soon...

sm said...

good to know that which game you are playing, normally i do not play any games.

pawan said...

Take ur own time!
And post some stuff mate!

Chiranjib said...

And I wonder what does sm stand for!
Care to reveal? haha.. :D
Never mind. Its always good to be back into the childhood some way or the other and games provide me with just that little opportunity. :)

Yeah man! I am here only!