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Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hi friends

Once more cut off from the blogosphere.. it had to do more with the work pressure, lack of time, lethargy and the addiction to Facebook. However, afterall a blog is a blog! No social networking site can ever replace it. So, am back!

Much have happened in the interim! The IPL saga and the T20 disaster have literally put a stop on any cricketing interest that I may have had till date. Not sure whether it would be resurrected. To say bluntly, the BCCI and Mr Modi have ensured that our boys do not have any energy left when it comes to playing international cricket. Its amazing to note how money and politics can ruin a fabulous game. People who do not know anything about cricket are at the helm of affairs, making matters worse!

On my personal front, its been like a breeze. Routine work mostly and many ad-hoc tasks. Nothing more to share really. Searching for stories do not help. So, let me stop right here.

Until next time...


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Chiranjib said...

Thanks for visiting. :)