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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Brand value

Brand is nothing but a name. A name which has fame. A fame which ultimately provides 'value' (perceived or actual) to the followers/customers/stake holders.

Brand can be an apparel, a tech tool, could be just about anything. And we can also be brands - the way we project ourselves. I have seen people known by organizations. "Oh you know that guy is from 'so and so institute' "... or "Oh he is bound to do it, since he had such and such background".

Ok. These are perspectives. A classic case of reflected glory.. whereas the truth is organizations and institutions of repute would be mere structures of brick and mortar, had it been not for the people who make them special. So, who are they?

There comes the question of brand. If an organization is a brand today (think about it - a mere structure), why can't we be?

I had written in an earlier post that a certain TITAN is so much more revered than the HMT, but there wasn't much technological difference between the two (when they started off). Its just about the way TITAN projected itself, that today we are prepared to shell out substantial bucks to have one.

It would be interesting case study to see what TITAN did differently from HMT.

In line with that famous statement, "Winners do not do different things. They do things differently"..................

....friends, can you tell me what they did differently?


BK Chowla, said...

Brand positioning is a very tedious exercise.
kn ow of a case where a lady asked the shopkeeper for "nirma ka surf dena"
That is the brand recall value of Surf

Chiranjib said...

@B K Chowla: YES, precisely slow. It takes careful planning coupled with tremendous amount of ground work to connect and position oneself. Not easy at all.