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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bits and pieces

Hello World

I have been bad! I have been irregular! I have neglected my blog!
Curse me... and when you are through, let me pause and then start afresh with a brand new post.

Not sure if that would interest you, but I work in weird hours these days. Skeptics love to call me the watchman!! LOL :D Yeah.. that's my work on demand for now.

I may look rusty in this post as I have not been writing since quite some time now. So apologies upfront.

Being awake till 3-4 AM every day does take its toll, although the watchmen of my building won't complain. They have a new colleague in me, for free that is. More sincere (seriously) and more alert.

Let me brush up on few of the updates which needed my comments:

1. The surprise wedding of Mr Dhoni with a certain Sakshi
2. "Meow"ist uproar all over India
3. Rise of Paul - the octopus

Well, there are many more, but these caught my attention and probably of most of you.

1. The surprise wedding of Mr Dhoni with a certain Sakshi:
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, after a string of pseudo-affairs and hush hush media coverages hurriedly took position beside the bride in Sakshi Singh Rawat. The whole affair was done in such quick time, that the Indian media was literally caught napping. Since enough have already been said about the wedding, I would shut my mouth and let you read through the links.

One can only hope that the Indian Cricket Captain's fortunes take a correct turn after entering this new phase of his personal life.

2. "Meow"ist uproar all over India:

This is not the cute 'hulo' I am talking about. This is a fierce member of the cat family which has sharpened its nails so much that the security forces are biting the dust. With all kinds of arrangements and 'booby traps' (as they say in the army), the ratio of police personnel killed with respect to the cats is still close to 1:1. Blame it on the politicians and their lack of foresight, which contributed to the situation. Today they are as powerful as some of our paramilitary forces. What is happening is not good for the nation, however why this is happening can probably be attributed to the mismanagement of people and resources at the grass root level and the ever lasting politics.

3. Rise of Paul - the octopus

Hail the king! Hail the king! - They say. They are not German for sure. They are the Spanish crowd. As an octopus is being given credit for correctly guessing the results of 8 out of 8 matches in the just concluded World Cup. One thought Shakira was the biggest attraction in this World Cup, but an octopus has overshadowed her popularity in a matter of few days. Scientists say that 8 out of 8 guesses is not that big a deal if we take into consideration the probability theory of mathematics. But the common men wish to believe the uncommon. So from Bipasha Basu to Maradona, everyone was left stunned.

I could not resist myself from sharing this image of Maradona with the legendary Paul, albeit a cartoon, is very realistic. [Photograph courtesy: Facebook]Finally: The latest joke doing the rounds in India
Someone asked Paul: "Will we see India play in any FIFA world cup in our lifetime?" Hearing the question, Paul faints."

There is a humorous article on this @Faking News. Read on and enjoy!!


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good one...but u havent been around for awhile...where are u?

Chiranjib said...

@Maria: Marketing huh? ;) Anyway.. thanks for visiting...

Chiranjib said...

@Aswathy: Sorry madam.. I was on Mars.. finally back.. :))

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