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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Juggling with my life...

Hello World

I am back after quite some time. Lately I have been juggling around with my life, trying my hand at a variety of things to keep myself busy and engrossed. But as they say, you go round a full circle, so I ended up with my old blog once again. I am pretty sure. Much have changed by now. Most of my blogger friends have forgotten me. Vimmu was supposed to get married, he might have had a kid by now. ROFL! Nikhil had a blog titled "Mirror Cracked". He may have created a 9th version of it. Indyeah... well not sure, what she is upto. Alice may have wrote hundreds of more poems. And there are few whom I forgot lol! Shweta, for example, has forgotten that her name was preposterous girl. :D hmmm....

Anyway, so how have I been! ...would be your question. Well, I have had lots of ups and downs in life. At one point in time I was at the pinnacle and then hit the rock bottom and currently I am hanging somewhere in the middle. Now, please do not get ideas or do not assume things. And, I won't explain further.

I think I have lost a bit of flair of my own writing. But I'll catch up. Few days of blogging will churn out the best of me once again.

Enough for this post after such a long long time. I am off to see what others have been up to, while I had been away.

PS. A few comments would inspire me to write more. So, please feel free. Spammers, please find another site and spare me! LOL!

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