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Monday, February 13, 2012

My experiments with past life regression - 02/12/2012

Past life regression has been my area of research for a long long time and I am someone who frankly believes that our actions in this life are hugely influenced by what we did (or were) in our past lives. I am open to criticism, but, well that's what my belief is. Few years back I procured media files of renowned past life hypnotherapist Dick Sutphen and began my work on knowing myself better - why I do what I do... I believed some of the behavioral answers could be hidden in how we spent our life in the past. I had been trying self hypnosis for a long long time, but although I had minuscule visions of places, events... they never really took concrete shape, until today when I was hell bent on doing it and it seems to me, I was successful.

I am recording all of these in detail in my blog, not for people to read (although I'll appreciate you reading and commenting on it), but rather for my own records which I could refer to in future.

As the self hypnotherapy session began, it was a very very slow process. Slowly my body went completely numb and I was unable to even move a single finger unless instructed by Mr Sutphen. Gradually I entered into an altered state of consciousness where I could hear each clock tick in my room, but I did not have the capability to even scratch my back.

Here is the vision I had.

I found myself to be a girl of 15 years around the year 1927. The place appeared to be somewhere in Bengal, India. As far my dress was concerned, it was a simple saree worn in traditional bengali way as in earlier days. I was bare-footed. The location appeared to be a vast field, lots of greenery and trees.

When I scanned my life for important events, I found it difficult to find any, probably as I had been a simple bengali house wife in those days. The only vision I had was that of my husband standing alongside me in front of a mirror and I was beautifully dressed up in a saree and ornaments. He appeared to be a zamindar or someone from the royal family.

Upon further scanning my life, I found myself to be a widow, seemed a lonely elderly woman with white saree. It seemed that her last stage of life was spent in spiritual thoughts. She did not appear frail, rather a bit on the plump side.

Well, that's all I saw.

I would leave it to you to believe this or not to believe this.

As far as I am concerned, I have never ever dreamt of anything similar or even close, so this was a new experience for me. I shall continue researching on this subject as there are many questions which need answers. I am not sure if this particular life was the immediate past life before my present life or I had an intermediate life in between.

Also, I need to validate whether this vision repeats itself or if I am able to get more details out of it.

In closing this article, let me tell you, I am a man of flesh and blood in this life and neither I behave like a woman, nor I am a gay. So, please do not make fun of me only coz I saw myself as a woman in an earlier life.

Criticism, comments, questions, suggestions... all welcome.


Dreams said...

Interesting post Chirru... Good to know that you were able to do self hypnosis.I am curious , how you came back from the state as it is difficult to do. Please be cautious next time, any suggestion or command given in that state can provoke major changes in your current life. Can you correlate something from that time to current life state? Will be eager to read more post.

All the best for more session.


Chiranjib said...

Hi Leena

Yes, it was definitely interesting. You would not believe, I could actually see myself. I could not correlate much - apart from my bent towards spiritualism and philosophical thoughts that I have carried on, even in this life. It seemed it was a pretty event-less life. My thought-processes, may be somewhat influenced by what I used to think in that time. 1927 Bengal women used to be very conservative, I believe. I do not think I am too much conservative, but I do hold moral and idealism at an esteem. Rest thoughts, well, being a man in this life - I have to do what all men do... :D