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Saturday, August 5, 2017

JIO vs BSNL - internet speed test comparison

I have been thinking of what to write this evening when I started toggling between my JIO and BSNL  connectivity and then figured out - well what the heck, lets write on how these two are faring at the moment.

Frankly speaking since the day I got a JIO connection, life has been good. Got a Netflix subscription and am watching movies just like how I did in the USA! Woohoo! The speed usually is pretty okay, barring one or two stops along the way and 1 minute of buffering right when the streaming starts.

Netflix gave me a free one month trial, so all the more reason for rejoicing. I'll write more on that some tome.

But anyway, today evening I noticed that the speed of JIO was little on the slower side than usual and I decided to do a speedtest and post it here.

Note: I have a BSNL UL 950 plan and a JIO per day 1GB plan.

Here are the results conducted via speedtest.net.

BSNL (wifi)
JIO (wifi)

The page did not open. Yeah you saw that right. After this famous speed test conducted by Ookla Llc (who owns speedtest.net) where they judged Airtel to have better speed than Jio, apparently a Jio network does not even let anyone test speed using their site.

Then again, TRAI conducted another speed test late July' 2017 where they certified Reliance Jio to have the best data speed.

I went to TRAI's site to see if they had a way for normal users to check speeds.

But they do not currently have a way to do that. They however have pre-populated statistics on average speeds of various internet service providers.

So, in conclusion, I did not get a chance to test JIO's internet speed with the limited means I had.

But should they have blocked speedtest.net even though they did not endorse the method of test conducted? That is a question I leave to you to get opinions on.

PS. The first part of this article was written on a BSNL network and the second part on a JIO WiFi.

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