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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Random observations

So much to observe, always. I make it a point to observe everything around me whenever I travel, specially when solo. Today was no exception. I was waiting patiently at the Baguiati bus stop, when I noticed few interesting situations.

Situation 1:
4 guys, labourers by profession, suddenly begin arguing and 2 of them are almost on the brink of a messy fight, when rest of the guys stop and pacify them. The dialogues were all difficult to make out from a distance.
They say , "Never raise your voice, improve your argument".

Situation 2:
A couple on a motor bike stops near where I stood and begin arguing. The lady seems older than the man, but the relationship is not clear apparently. She suddenly breaks down and shake the guy. Then she sits hopelessly on the nearby footpath. The guy sits next to her. They continue to chat. The lady is still emotionally charged. The guy looks cooler and I understand that he has noticed me observing them. I look away.

Situation 3:
Suddenly it starts raining. Kolkata these days have some good covered rickshaws. I noticed one locked near me. I sneaked in under its shade. The owner was having his tiffin somewhere nearby. He saw me and came back. He then scrutinized me without saying a word as if evaluating if I am capable of stealing his rickshaw. Somehow he seemed convinced that I do not pose a risk and got back to his den.
I thanked him silently for letting me keep my observations going from the temporary shade offered by the rickshaw.


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