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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The tremor

It was 1:30 AM tonight. As I was finishing up a few of the leftover office chores, I experienced a faint sway of my bed. Right then, I noticed the window of my 2nd floor apartment swaying to and fro, without as much as a wink of wind! I figured out, it has to be an earthquake! And it definitely was! I would keep a keen watch on the news tomorrow to see, what was the richter scale reading! Of course, it was very mild, but you know, I am keen to know the epicenter of it! I hope, not too many people live near that point!


Valerine said...

Freak thats scarrry...Witnessed the earthquake in 2001 in Gujarat....Terror is an understatement..It was massive and destructive!

Chiranjib said...


Yes, it scared the hell out of me! Felt helpless... hailed God as my only saviour!

Varun said...

I had witnessed one when I was in college. It is definitely very scary!

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

There were supposedly tremors in chennai too, but I slept through it ! . . .

Indyeah said...

that must have been scary!

you felt it? most of my friends couldnt..

thank god it wasnt a big one.

may there never be.Amen.

Chiranjib said...

Yeah man! It's not at all a friendly feeling.. :(

Yeah, even many of my friends were too asleep to feel anything!

You bet! I was chanting His name throughout the few seconds it lasted!

vimmuuu said...

We experienced a tremor here in Chennai!! You in chennai by any chance??

Chiranjib said...

No man! I was in Kolkata...

pawan said...

I also slept through the earthquake and I should tell you something here. I first knew about the earthquake through your blog, and I was so busy spreading the word that I forgot to comment!

Thanks mate!

IndianPundit said...

Hi Chiranjib

Thats scary yaar.


Chiranjib said...

sleep is the only respite from the scary feeling that an earthquake evokes... about knowing it first through my blog, I can only 'say cheese'! And thanks for spreading the word.. we have a pathetic disaster mgmt sys in place in kolkata.. i was thinking abt writing a post on it, but am so busy these days, that it's tough!

You have a nice name!
Welcome to my blog! And yes, earthquakes do scare even the bravest of men!

preposterous girl said...

Hi Chiranjib..
I'm back after the exams.. ;-)
I hope u r fine and all ur near n dear ones...
And yet again u've been tagged by me.. heheh
I guess this is gng to be the last tag of this tag-season. hehe
will catch up soon on some previous posts of urs.. :)

Chiranjib said...

@preposterous girl
Yes, am f9.. thanks to my stars and God.. and also all my near and dear ones.. :)
regarding the tag, yes, I'll check it out and do it! :)
yes, go through my previous posts and let me know if you like... :D