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Saturday, April 11, 2009

23 on 25

Hmm... I've been tagged once more. And this time it is by Alice.
I have to jot down 25 random things about myself. Let me try.

1. I am unpredictable. Mood swings happen at the drop of a hat. One moment I am over the moon, the other moment, I feel like committing suicide.
2. But all said, there is no one in this world who can gauge my thoughts. You can at most try.
3. I have a strong head on my shoulders. Though I have frequent up and downfalls, I am seldom affected. Bouncing back from setbacks is one of my strongest qualities.
4. If I would have let my inner feelings come out, a lot of people (who think they got the better out of me) might have actually feared me. :D
5. But I am not bad by any means. :)
6. There are two sides of my character (or face?). You remember Lord Voldemort? Just like that.
7. I can't fight. Last time, I fought in school and was badly hurt. What prevents me from being a good fighter is that I continuously think if I would hurt the other person badly.
8. I love to fall in love. But seldom, that gets reciprocated. My last crush is actually very happy that she could get rid of me. hehe.. :D At the moment she's busy mountaineering with her sweet heart. (whatever that means) LOLZ
9. I love chocolates and ice creams and pastries. Bring 'em on! :P
10. I write this blog to take out my frustrations and like being appreciated.
11. I am a jack of all trades, master of none. Trying to change it to 'master of all'. hehe.. :D
12. My secret ambition is to travel around the world and get familiar with unfamiliar people and places.
13. As I write this post, I am continuously turning to Alice's page to see if I can hire some ideas!
14. I am desperately seeking tuition on Loveology. Any tutors around?
15. I am a confused soul. I tend to lose opportunities even when they come knocking at the door.
16. I believe in God and seek His help whenever I am in distress.
17. I am all for equality and righteousness and justice.
18. People underestimate me all the time and I always enjoy proving them wrong.
19. I think I can make out people's characteristics very easily by just interacting with them. But I also err and often pay a heavy price.
20. I love varying my music according to mood. I think most of you do that!
21. I hate flirting and I hate girls who flirt just for the sake of it.
22. I don't like being given choices. Decide something for me and I would say if it is okay for me.
23. I hate politics (national, workplace or anything else).

I am leaving the last two blank, as I have run out of ideas. Comment about me if you think I missed something. Umm, let me tag Madhavan, Oorjas, Hope, Vishesh and Varun on this one.



aliceinneverland said...

ha ha ha....good one...!

oorjas said...

i knew this was coming.. don't you know enough about me already.. after all i've done the most revealing tag... :-) hmm.. lets see..

you are very much like me. or vice versa.

24. you write very well. (esp your story.. when is the next updation?)
25. you have great potential but at times not able to access your own resources fully. (this comment has nothing to do with psychology it is just a feeling of a friend)

Chiranjib said...


:D Thanks!!!


ya, agreed... but this tag is a bit different.. all tags are.. :D :D :D

I got ideas for 24 and 25 from you.

24. Oorja likes my writing. ;) :P :D
25. At times, I write real bad! Need to improve! :(

vimmuuu said...

Wait, let me complete it for you :

24) Spends money wisely !
25) Leaves tag unfinished :)

mirrorcracked said...

24. I like to leave tags incomplete...
25. --

Hehehehe!! :D

Chiranjib said...


you've got a point...
24) I think 10 times before spending on something.
naaa... the last one is not characteristic of me. One occurrence does not say it all!!! :D


mmm.. trying to guess what you would have written had you been tagged.. :)
oye, it would not have started... I forgot that your code name is "TAG KILLER" :D :D :D