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Monday, April 20, 2009

Harbo harbo harbo re??? :'(

5 quick words that came to my mind as soon as I thought about yesterday's much-hyped match between the KKR and the DC. Mark my words: The Deccan Chargers are going to be a force to reckon with in this second edition of the IPL. The charge of the Chargers was just too much to handle for Mc-Cullum and company. And oh my - Fidel Edwards is his name! What a bowler he is! Many (myself included) did not have too much expectations out of him. But he just zipped through the defences of the batsmen with finesse. Though it is just a premature stage to guess anything. Even the KKR can bounce back! But one thing for sure: The Deccan Chargers are not gonna be last in the league table this time around!

And one final comment: I support Gavaskar. Mr John Buchanan tried too many things on the Knights and it seems to have boomeranged. The team is in tatters. No team spirit. No batting. No bowling. No fielding. Everyone seemed to be going through the motions, as if defeat was destiny! And the players were tense, as if it was a case of life and death. The natural game was missing from everyone. And yes, it was a WRONG selection to bat first! Well, I am no one to suggest all these. But it is the sentiment of a die-hard cricket fan that is probably coming through all of these! I have the right to see our team perform well. And I also have the right to say, isn't it? Mr Buchanan?


Anonymous said...

sorry the team lost but hey don't worry it was just one match.. and be happy that they lost the first one as it will give them a wakeup call and they'd improve before you could say SRK.

cheer up.. :-)

Varun said...

That team is as over confident as its owner. SRK is an individual, he gets away with it but since cricket is a team event they failed. Since I like SRK, i hope they win some matches soon :)

Chiranjib said...

@oorjas and @varun

hmm.. I am cool now... just saw the plight of b'lore royal challengers... They say, "cricket is a funny game"