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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Selection time

Election time this is. There are many 'leaders' who have swapped places and parties. And I think, it is selection time for me. Do not get the idea that this is gonna be yet another post on Indian elections. Rather, this is yet another post on "IPL"!
I had a dream - a dream that the Knights would do something remarkable for us, the die-hard fans, but that has been squashed! Now, I don't mind that much. If you notice the logo, the word 'Kolkata' has been taken out from the team name, making it more generic and the home base would not be Kolkata in the next edition. And, also with 'dada' scheduled to a receive a kick in the a** next year, I don't mind supporting other teams. Remember? I said it is 'selection' time for me! I shall shut my mouth till the time it is ascertained that the Knights are out of the tournament. Till then, the Knight Advertising and Showbiz Company can breathe a sigh of relief! Happy dancing, Shahrukh, Buchanan, Mc-cullum and Co.!!! You have the beautiful cheerleaders for company!!!

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