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Monday, November 30, 2009

Are we heading towards the dark ages?

My office was attacked by hooligans of the Bloody Jammers' Party today during the 12 hour strike!
Do we have any hope of a secure future?
Read the article here. You decide!

You are lucky you are only reading it. My friends faced it!

Sample these:
1) A doctor going to a hospital was not spared the agony. His car was badly damaged and he was verbally abused with the choicest of slang.
2) The DLF building (which houses my office) was attacked by bloody hooligans! Employees were not allowed to get in, even when they stressed the importance of the kind of work we do.. involving 24*7 support. Never before had the IT industry come under such an attack! Think about the kind of impression it gives to our prospective clients!
3) Patients being taken to the hospital were checked thoroughly. They almost had a 'pre-health' checkup in the hands of uneducated, brute, 'lathi' wielding 'doctors', prior to the actual medical checkup.
4) School buses were emptied of children and burnt.

At the end of the day, one of the leaders proudly announced on TV..."Ah... it was a successful strike.." So true. Isn't it?

Are we heading towards the dark ages? I am tired of criticizing politicians... Come on, someone give me a break!

A strike is supposed to be a tool to gauge voluntary people support on a particular issue. But here we saw petty hooliganism by criminals and musclemen, with no regard whatsoever for anyone. In a democratic country like ours, this sort of force and display of muscle power cannot and should not be supported.

Jago India, jago...
Rise India, rise...


BK Chowla said...

I know it is a disgusting state of affairs,but we have to live with it.
When it comes to politics,they do not care about the troubles of others. It is their way all the way.

Chiranjib said...

@BK Chowla
I am lost for words. Believe me, West Bengal did not face an exhibition of sheer muscle power in many years like the way it faced on November 30, 2009.

mirrorcracked said...

Horrendous, man! Maddening, I tell you

imedia @ NewKolkata said...

Mr. Chiranjib, You commented my post on http://newkolkata.com. I couldn’t report the effect of strike because I can’t do that from out side west Bengal. But you have done that.

You can't save Bengal from these activities. I wrote about the channels that I can view from out side Bengal and the political equation if BJP becomes powerful. I know star ananda covers most of the events but Mamata is their breaking news. This channel is purchased. ETV doesn’t cover a lot but looks genuine.

Nothing is happening in Bengal and also there is no hope at least in next 5 years. You may know more about politics but I don’t care the only thing that’s important is the result.

What do you think about Mamata’s “Ma Mati Manush” slogan? I feel whatever this lady does are purely Natak. I can find many people supporting this lady but I think they hate left and that’s the only reason they tolerate this lady. Few days back Cong did the same what BJP did yesterday. TMC have been spoiling Bengal from Singur Nandigram days. And Left has done that in last 30 years.

Anyway no point of arguing because what ever you do the result is zero. Only God can help Bengal.

Remember on the same day only 50 to 100 people destroyed the impression of Hyderabad because they were protesting the arrest of TRS chief.

All corrupted medias, political parties, educated people everybody is responsible for whatever happens in Bengal.

Chiranjib said...

Welcome to my blog!
Yes, I did report the effects... I was almost in the thick of action, so I know.
We can surely save Bengal. The thing that is required is collective resistance and Bengal did show what its commoners can do, that is why the strike did not pass off so peacefully as it did in Delhi.

I agree Star Ananda features Mamata, but yesterday the news shown by them were all genuine. You do not know as you are outside West Bengal. I know... as I have seen on-screen and off-screen. Rather the other channels chose to hide facts. You talk about Star Ananda.. what about "24Ghanta"?? Don't you think, it is bought as well... albeit by a different party??
Regarding Mamata, I do not think whatever she does is purely natak. Bear in mind that I am not into politics, but at least she thinks about the common man! If I start highlighting things, the comment form may fall short. Better check out the facts.. ask the poorest and the richest of Bengal... from the roadside beggar to Harsh Neotia.. they will tell you..

Cong DID NOT do the same as BJP. They had this much courtesy so as not to attack school buses and doctors.. or for that matter CMMI Level 5 Company outdoors!! Remember this is Bengal... this is not Gujrat!!

You speak about Singur, Nnadigram?? [Suppose] I will take the land where you stay, tomorrow by force with the help of hooligans and police. Tell me will you smile and hand over softly? Will you not curse me? Please, please check out the facts before you comment like these... I ask you again. Come to West Bengal. Mingle with the rich and the poor. The common and the uncommon. The celeb and not so celeb. Find out what everyone has to say. Then comment.
I assure you Bengal will rise. There was a proverb... "What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow"... those golden days will return. Mark my words!!

Chiranjib said...

Hey Nikhil!! You are alive?? Is your blog alive?? write something, sir.. it's been such a long time... :)

On the topic, people are so mad with politics that they choose to stay blind! This is even more maddening!

BK Chowla said...

Chiranjib, has it got something to do with CPI losing ground in West Bengal?

imedia @ NewKolkata said...

Replied to you at http://newkolkata.com/2009/11/bangla-bondh-by-bjp-12-hours-bengal-strike/comment-page-1/#comment-397

Chiranjib said...

@BK Chowla
Not sure, but definitely seems so...

Chiranjib said...


Chiranjib said...

My reply to imedia:
1. I do not endorse any party. Every year, I follow news closely before deciding about whom to vote. My votes have varied over the last few years.
2. Every political party has good and bad elements. I only try to sort and endorse the good part, leaving aside the bad part.
3. Singur issue had many shades to it. It is not as simple as it looks to the naked eye. While the issue was raging, I really wished the Tata factory to be built. But every coin has the other side and you've got to appreciate that land acquisition should never be done without taking necessary steps in advance. It's not about showing muscle power and force against the common innocent people. I think the idea of land banks is progressive.
4. Yes, agreed that this is not the first bandh in the state. I have raised my voices earlier as well. Look at the articles below. You would get proof that I do not endorse any party:
I appreciate the fact that you came up as a very ordinary village guy. Little known fact for you, even I did that. I have been staying in Kolkata only since the last 3 and a half years. I stayed in Murshidabad, prior to that.
Finally it is good that we are discussing more about this as it clears our mind to see against the hazy fog created by leaders. But think about it, if you were to write this article all over again, would it not contain many amendments?

Anonymous said...
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Chiranjib said...

Believe me, spammers would be severely dealt with!!