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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Where is Peace?

One year on... remember?
Of course you remember, on this day, one year back, Mumbai was torn apart with violence, hatred, bloodshed. Today Ajmal Kasab, the only terrorist captured alive is still grinning inside his cell of his, toggling between a volley of statements and enjoying the loopholes of law and order. As per unofficial estimates, an amount in excess of 31 crore Indian rupees have already been wasted on his trial!! If you ask me Ajmal will face one of the following:
1) A death after 30 years owing to old age and natural causes.
2) An escape to Pakistan, like the way Maulana Masud Azhar escaped after the Kandahar hijack!
...worst, by that time, we would have lost many more crores while facilitating his survival!

Everyone is preparing evidences against everyone. And once one set is published, another set is prepared. Years lost in preparing evidences. What about the sufferers?

None is really bothered. Innocent lives are being lost in a hurry.

Babri - Mumbai (1992) - Godhra - Gujarat - Kandahar - Kargil - Parliament - 26/11 Mumbai(2008)

...not in chronological order

Were any of these really required?

What did we gain out of these? Satisfied our bloody egos? My religion is bigger than you or vice versa? - oh really?

Pakistan and India - these two nations badly need money in order to uplift the economically backward classes and see, what we are indulging in! More and more money invested in military, in arms and ammunition...

Friends, I am an Indian. But I strongly believe there can be a solution to the historical 'problem', but somewhere the ego should be left aside! We have seen enough blood, enough dead bodies... please... we do not want to see more...

I do not understand politics. It is something that I have not specialized in. But I dislike violence. Probably, I can handle the computer games like Quake3 Arena, but only till that! Never ever in reality.

Think... why do people kill each other? What is the ulterior motive? The day we die, our souls will part our bodies. No gold, no riches, no money, no relationships will ever stay except our deeds. Our deeds will indeed stay.

Friends, never ever be remembered for a bad reason. A terrorist will not be remembered for the "fidayen".... though wrongly motivated people may think so. He will be remembered as a killer... a person who took away a baby from a wailing mother, a wife from a loving husband, a mother from a 8 year old daughter.....

And why did he do it? From a terrorists' perspective? For revenge? An eye for an eye... leaving the world blind? Blind, we are... blind are the politicians... blind is our ego... So what is the difference of a savage animal with a human being! Why do we educate ourselves? Why do we read religious scriptures? Do they teach us to ill-treat our fellow human beings? Do they teach us to beat them up?

No... I am not supporting any religion here. But yes, I do have a religion. Everyone does. But the point is we should be adaptable to others. A sin committed by a group of individuals should not be taken as that committed by the community. Am I making sense?

Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurdwaras are all holy places. We should respect each of them. All are paths to the God - the almighty. We as children, were always taught the same as per Indian customs. But there are bloody politicians who ruined these holy thoughts.

See the result. We fight and nations who produce ammunition are laughing their way to their bank balances. Naturally... who are their customers? We... India and Pakistan!!

Kasab - a mere pawn in the whole game! The sad part is, he still has no remorse for what he did.

And finally, the personnel who laid down their lives in the service of their motherland, performing their duty... my salutes to them.. or else the attack could have taken the lives of many more!

But... is 26/11/2009 much different from 26/11/2008?

Before I end this post, listen to this song from the Colonial Cousins album, sung by Hariharan and Leslie Lewis:

Here is the lyrics:

Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo !

Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo !

Darkness coming around,
And every body fight with the brother
Every body wants control,
Don't hesitate to kill one-another

So come back as Jesus
Come back and save the world
Bless all the future of every boy and girl
Come back as Rama,
Forgive us for what we've done
Come back as Allah,
Come back as anyone

Religion is the reason,
The world is breaking up into pieces
Colour of the people,
Keeps us locked in hate please release us

So Come down and help us,
Save all the little ones
They need a teacher,
And you are the only one
We can't rely on,
To build a better world
A world that's for children,
A world that's for everyone

Time is healer, and time moves on
Time don't wait for any one
So, Tell me you'll be back
But that will take some time
I m waiting aaa I m waiting ,wating
I m waiting

I'm waiting, yeah yeah

Come back as Jesus
Come back and save the world
We need a teacher,
and You are the only one
Come back as Rama
Forgive us for what we've done
Come back as Allah
Come back for every one

Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo
Krishna Ni Bhe Gha-Ni, Baroo

Come back as Jesus
Come back and save the world
Bless all the future
OF every boy and gal

Come back as Rama
Forgive us for what we've done
Come back as Allah
Come back for every one

Govinda bolo hari Gopala bolo
Govinda bolo hari Gopala bolo
Govinda bolo hari Gopala bolo


Image source: http://naturaloilcandles.com
Reference: http://www.lyricsmasti.com


Smita said...

Don't have much to say as have exhausted my share of questions and the answers still elude me!!!

preposterous girl said...

Salute to all those who died to keep us safe.. And shame on all those politicians who are trying to divide us in the name of religion.. :(
But we should understand our responsibilities.. We all just crib and crib .. and when time comes we don't even bother to vote.. Maybe you and I vote but it forms a miniscule proportion.. :(
We need to understand that united we stand, divided we fall ..

Chiranjib said...

I perfectly understand your state of mind...

Chiranjib said...

@preposterous girl
"Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink.."
Impurities everywhere, none to revere...