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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The silence before...

Have a look at the article below:

I am sad... very sad... why?

Am I sad because the iconic Sachin Tendulkar did not get any support from BCCI?
Am I sad because the separatist elements are looming large in this country?
Am I sad because the way the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, the right to free speech is being curtailed???

Come on... we are living in free India!!


My question to you Indians, how can a group of men rule over millions? Voice your disgust!! Show your discomfort!

The last day I spoke to a friend of mine and she did not take the name as well. As if Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter fame (he who must not be named!!!).... so invincible?

I ask you people: When? When will this end?

I urge you Indians: Defeat the separatists!! These are more dangerous than the terrorists!! They can cause irreparable damage to our motherland!!

Mumbaikars: I understand many of you may be secret admirers of the "God", but take my word, all of these are for petty political gains. The day his ambitions are met, you will all bear the brunt. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your talents. No talent goes unrecognized. Compete and show everyone what you can do! Regional political parties have no hope of making a mark in this country until and unless they play the 'region' card. Our forefathers made a gross mistake by allowing infinite number of political parties to be floated. If you have Rs 500, you are eligible to stand in elections!!

And thus, these formed.

But friends, think about it! All of these can change! The power of the people is infinite, boundless! Show your power. Voice your opinions! In every blog, in every newspaper, in every nook and corner of this country, let the opinions flow freely.

Show the tricolor of India - the country of unity in diversity, the country which is home to people of every nationality, the largest English speaking nation.

Friends and fellow Indians - We can do it! Can't we?

PS. These are my personal views and by the universal Human Right of Freedom of Expression, I have every right to voice my opinions. If you have other views, feel free to share.

Image source: http://www.cricfield.com


vimmuuu said...

I dont understand why the govt. is letting all this happen ! Crazy country we live in ! Sometimes, I donno if I should be really proud of this country !

Chiranjib said...

We should surely be proud of our country! Every country has impurities, it is upto us to ensure cleanliness...

Smita said...

You know what's the saddest part? I know so many educated Mumbaikar's or Marathi's who support the stand taken by MNS!!

Have fought with so many ppl on this that I don't feel like arguing now! Ppl don't understand that they are being used by bloody politicians!!!

BK Chowla said...

It is a shame.The day we will realise and recognise the designs of our politicians,it may be too late.

Chiranjib said...

I appreciate that you tried to educate people. But the thing is, people are so selfish nowadays that they lose out on far-sightedness. You have heard the story of frogs in a well. They neither know, nor want to know what's lying outside. Repercussions are dangerous. The day the masses rise, it would be curtains for the men in power. And the day is not far...

Chiranjib said...

@BK Chowla
It will not be late. Just keep the fire burning.