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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

Hi friends,

Hope all of you are at the pink of your health (not payslips!). Given the situation we are all in, it's not really a joke!
Nevertheless, let me not go into the detailed analysis of what is going right or wrong at the moment, not to say that I am not the right person for that. Hopefully, the situation would change.
Forget it! Last night I had a dream and I could not resist the urge of sharing with all of you out there. You know about copy and paste, right? They are arguably the most popular key combinations in use for Windows machines. I would like to refer to them as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
Now the dream:
I had a vision that all of us human beings are copy pasting food items. As a result of which, if I have one burgar ready, in seconds I have 25 more, at zero cost and effort. Trust me, for the duration, I was in a trance, I enjoyed every bit of it. Imagine, there would be no problems, had such a technology arrived. No dearth of food, no poverty, no anger, no resentment, no need for employment, no fighting and ..... the list goes on. It could be a viscious circle though as people are never satisfied with whatever they have got. They want more and more and more... which probably would give rise to problems. But a Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V in the hands of the right people would have solved so many problems!


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