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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Terrorists, rest in peace

Finally the war on Mumbai has been won. Kudos to our security forces who dealt with the challenge with awe inspiring precision and technique. However, in the process, we lost top cops like: Hemant Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte. We lost commandos like: Major Unnikrishnan, Gajendra. And we lost many more martyrs from the security forces. But believe me, these people who gave away their lives for the cause of the motherland will inspire every Indian mother to give birth to their clones. Any jehadis reading this post? Come and kill us. How many will you kill? We are more than a billion. Do you have those many bullets? And if you faulter, you know what is in store for you. Don't you? So, come hypocrites. We welcome you to the Indian soil! Come only if you want to die. Remember, Indians are courteous, they treat their guests well, but that is only their mannerism, their ritual, custom, NOT weakness!

The intentions of the separatists are pretty clear:

  1. Drive away foreign investors, so that India does not get share of the mullah.
  2. Encourage anti-national sentiments among minority groups.
  3. Instigate communal disharmony.
  4. Make the economy weak.
  5. Target top cops and kill them, so that our very own gangsters can do whatever they wish to and also the ongoing investigations are hampered!
  6. Enough evidence that our good old neighbours have been very helpful in this regard, not withstanding the trust that we Indians have in them.

I have much pity for the young innocent boys who fall into the trap. They are taught to hate Indians, they are told that minorities out here are ill treated. I welcome them to my courtyard. Come and see their status. See that they not only enjoy equal fundamental rights, but much more than that! Don't be misled by what the brainwashers teach you.

I am lost for words at this juncture. I don't know what do they gain out of all these. If they are so worried about their brothers, why don't they invest in education, hospitals, relief and all ways of charity. Why use up all the resources in destruction of large scale? What's the use? What do they think they are gaining out of all these?

Any jehadi there??? Speak up! Answer me!

I know they won't. They are basically psycho, suffering from intense inferiority complex. They are jealous of the progress that India and the developed world are making. So they want to cripple us.

But they would never be successful in their overtures. You know why?


Image source: http://sify.com/news/

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