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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Love Equations

Hi friends,

I am back with another post. Well, the topic this time is "Love Equations".
Not that I am going to write a romantic love story set on the lines of Laila-Majnu or Romeo-Juliet, neither any poem. Rather, I would try and assemble some of my thoughts scattered helter skelter till now.
Tell me something, have you ever fallen in love? Come on, you must have! There's hardly an individual in the civilized world who has not ever fallen in love. Now, has it ever happened to you, that a person whom you love does not like you. Quite possible, isn't it? The classical case of "Unrequited love"! But has something occurred like, someone loves you and you have got no clue!!! Hmm... I tell you thats equally possible. So barring the standard case of both-way traffic, how about a twisted one like:
A loves B loves C loves D.......

It might as well be a full circle, or even one with more than one loop. The tragedy in the above scenario is neither A, nor B, nor C, nor D is happy. But why is it so?
Only because, they don't know what is there in the other person's mind!
People do not usually tell because of numerous fears:
1) Fear of rejection
2) Fear of stigma in a conservative orthodox society
3) Fear of repurcussions
4) Fear of losing friendship

But had it occurred, like each was free to voice his/her views in front of all, then?
So let us have the declarations:
A -> I love B
B -> I love C
C -> I love D

Here, if C finds out that D is not interested in him/her, he/she might revert towards B. That way, as you understand, we have at least been able to make one pair out of the four individuals, which was impossible before. But this happens rarely!

I read about one other scenario in one of the management case studies which spoke about a situation in which, if men and women are allowed to openly disclose their preferences/likings for individuals, then the probability of effective pairing is enhanced.
Let me assume, there are 3 girls A, B and C
and 3 boys: X, Y and Z.
Suppose X and Y propose A
Z proposes C
B proposes Y.
The situation is quite possible. Please note that this should be an open declaration and each should know about the other person's intentions. In this scenario, all are locked with some dilemma or the other. So how to find the way out?
First take the case of A. She has been proposed by two guys and she can't decide whom to pick. So she keeps both on hold. B has proposed Y and Y keeps it on hold coz, A's decision is pending. The scenario where Z has proposed C is the easiest because there are no rivals and eventually, this would be successful, if Z persists. So we take Z and C out of the total equation.
Now, we are left with X,Y and A,B.
The plan is to periodically let X and Y propose A. There would be a time when one of them would get bored of the situation, or be disheartened. If Y drops out, which is quite likely, since he knows there's someone waiting for him and even if he leaves, he would have B for company, the situation is perfectly matched. Then the couples would look like:
In the less likely case, if X drops out, we have a problem, in the sense that both X and B become singular then. Then the situation is like:
B -----
X -----
Then either B and X will have to look for individual avenues or have to patch up together. Patching up together would be an issue, because they never had any feelings for each other.

Everything is logical, isn't it?
However practical things seldom work out like this, simply because we are most essentially driven by heart, ego, sentiments and to a much lesser extent by brain!

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