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Thursday, November 27, 2008

To be pardoned till we die

I was just going through a post by Vishesh. The post was really very special as it probably succeeded in reducing my frustration and anger and also, taught me to think logically in these hours of crisis. The questions were obvious.
1) Why do few people turn so violent?
2) What are their needs?
3) Do they have some sort of complications?
4) Are they blackmailed?
5) Are they deprived of happiness?
6) Why do they get brainwashed starting from a tender age?
7) Why do they kill innocent people mercilessly? How can they?
8) Are they on some sort of sedatives or drugs, that they lose all common sense?
9) If it is indeed religion they are fighting for, then does it teach them to kill innocent people?
Once I get bored of anger as an emotion, it is grief that encompasses me.
Someone had told that a small child is like a mould of clay. Whatever shape you give to him, he takes it. I feel it is ditto with these guys. From a tender age they learn to hate and only hate. They are born and brought up in such a way that they have never looked at us as fellow brothers and sisters. They have only one word for us, ENEMIES and to teach us a lesson they would go to any extent, any, even if that means blowing themselves up! Pity, that they did not get to learn what the sages have taught for years.
"Live and let live" is not for them.
I totally agree with Vishesh that hatred gives rise to hatred. But, a tricky question that crops up in my mind is: If someone kills your mother with an AK47 in the middle of the highway, will you chant hymns of peace? But Vishesh, in spite of so many doubts in my mind, I have put your picture on my blog post as well.
See, you can counsel people like us, but can you counsel them????? Howsoever I wish, you could... even for that matter, if at all somebody could...
PS. Vishesh, hope you read my post. :)

1 comment:

vishesh said...

what you say is true,they have been brain washed,so if we can make sure children have proper childhoods,then we will be better off :)