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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Graphology - Part 1

Hi friends,
On public demand, I have returned with Graphology. I am still learning it. Be careful, while analyzing someone, always insist that they write a cursive handwriting, if you know what I mean. BLOCK handwritings do not reveal much. Anyways, here are few other traits to judge people:

1. "Go to hell K":

This trait applies for people who use a typically large 'K' instead of small 'k', even when the requirement is for the small 'k'. These people are typically arrogant, defiant and have a "do not care" attitude. These people move on their own and are very likely to become successful entrepreneurs and independent businessmen. Notice the 'k' in 'Jack'!

2. Handwriting slanting upwards:

Many people have this trait. Try writing on a white paper and see if this trait appears. Don't worry, it merely implies you are very optimistic.

3. One stroke T-crossing:

Implies your persistent nature. If you start off with a job, you do not end it unless its over and done. A very good trait to have. Notice the 'T' in 'To'.

4. Long downstrokes:

Next time you write a 'g' or 'y', note your downstrokes. Consistent low downstrokes indicate determination.

5. T-bars crossed at the top of the stem:

This trait is very important. I have seen innumerable number of people with T-bars crossed at the bottom or middle. But raising the T-bar cross actually helps in bringing more of self-confidence, high goals, good self image and a drive to achieve and succeed. If you don't have a high T-bar, change it now! Notce the T in 'self esteem'.

6. Signature size:

A very tiny signature implies a lack of confidence, whereas, a signature that is very big indicates a tremendous need to be noticed and also, a bit of arrogance.

Thats it for now. Hopefully, I would add more, soon. Cya.

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