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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The pledge

Standing tall amidst ruins,
Strong amongst the weak,
Island in a sea,
A lone sugar cube in a cup of tea.

I hereby pledge:
Not to turn into a ruin,
Not to become weak,
Not to be submerged by the arrogant waves,
Not to melt in heat or get frozen by cold

Whatever be the adversity,
Whatever be the calamity,
I WILL face everything with a brave heart,
Show the world that living is an art,
Canvas is the same for all,
Colors are the same for all,
Whether I sketch grief or sorrow,
Whether I paint happiness or gratification,
It all depends on me...

Life is a big big party,
Let us all enjoy it before it ends,
Do not stand there in the corner and feel shy,
Come, take the floor, try and fly...
You never know...


A bird never knows...
...until it tries to fly


oorjas said...

'A bird never knows...
...until it tries to fly'

how true.. we all live waiting for happiness to happen.. we must take our life in our own hands & live it to the fullest..
Let's party.. :-)

nice change..

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


ya.. :D