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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weird tag!!!

Yes, I got tagged by Hope. The tag is all about writing 6 weird things about myself. So, all you people out there, hold your breath! You have never come across something like this.... and HERE I GO:
(1) I am a master loser. In fact, deep inside my heart, I love losing. There's a kind of pain in losing things and that pain eggs me on to lose even more. In fact, I am not sure nowadays, what I really want.
(2) I am a master also at being misunderstood and getting my back stabbed. People, whom I think are friends, usually bitch behind my back and leave me wounded. Nowadays, I don't believe anyone, as a consequence.
(3) I am master of disguise. I like to keep a track of people I have interest in and check their whereabouts under-cover (007 anyone? ;))
(4) I am hot within and cool outside. As a result, people who feel I am weak are usually taken aback by the fire they encounter with when they try to mess with me. YES, I AM PROUD OF MYSELF! :D
(5) I can't go to sleep at night and occasionally stay awake till dawn!
(6) I am very particular about every single penny. So, even if you owe me Re 1, expect a reminder from me, every alternate day! :D

That's it! Now that I am done, here are the blogs (read blog owners), I would like to tag into this:

Happy tagging!!! :)


oorjas said...

not very wierd if u ask me..
1.most of the people don't know what they want. doesn't make them a loser.
2.welcome to the real world.today's major problem for everyone.
3.oh... have to b careful around u ;-)
4.me too... but will write about it in my post.
5.i can't wait to get to bed.. don't get much sleep these days.
6.well... this one will actually do u good.:-)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


well well well...
...and I thought these were weird !!! :(
anyways... :(

mirrorcracked said...

New look? I like it! :)
And yes, you should be proud of yourself!! :P

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

Hey Nikhil

Thanks man! Am glad you visited, after a long time... :D

vimmuuu said...

I have already done this tag; but thanks for the tag ! I will make sure I tag you in return.LOL.

Check it out and do leave a comment if possible :


Coming to yours :
No.1 - we are all sailing in the same boat !!!

No. 3 - Dont even come near me, man !

No. 6 - I would be glad if you became my financial advisor !!!

maduraiveeran said...

You are hot inside and cool outside, you must be a Microwave oven or a conventional oven or a refridgerator inside out :) I have already done this tag - 6 Quirky things about me :)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...

hahaha.. :D
oh, u've done it already, even i have done it *already*!!! :D I'll leave a comment on ur post, surely... :D

hehehehe.. :D LOL
ya, sort of!
oh, u've done it? ok then u dnt have to do that again... :)

rhapsodicobjectivity said...

thanx for doing it... :D and relax! u should definitely be proud of urself... :)

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


hey thanks ya... :)

vimmuuu said...

You have been tagged :