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Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day

Glimpses of the moon over the sea bed
Water sparkling in shades of gold and silver
With the sky, a tinge of blackish red
They relax for hours on end
Only the two of them with the moon overhead
A blissful silence all around
Only the occasional roar of waves splashing hard
Against the solid rock bed
The clouds wander about silently
Often overshadowing the moon
Far away, sailing on the waves, are few fishing boats
Evident from their orange lanterns
With this extraordinary ambiance
The lovers silently come closer and lean against each other
The dark silhouette making it difficult to make out
Who is he and who is her
They are so 'made for each other'
As the night silently grow darker
The surroundings go calmer
A feeble folk mixes in the air
Sung far away by one fisherman
The guy slowly places a tender kiss
On his lover's cheeks and whispers:
"Happy Valentine's Day, dear"

Image source: http://saimadreamz.blogspot.com


vishesh said...

:) liked it also did ur tag :)

Chiranjib said...


thanks man :)

Arijit said...

Awesome!!!!!!!I don't know whether u have been in love anytime, but this shows u have felt romance very deeply............

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


Thanks for visiting my blog, man!