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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A wish and more!


Wish my secret lovers and admirers a very Happy Valentines Day!
Hopefully, you were all very busy throughout the day with your sweethearts! Those who were not, well, don't be sad, I am also one of you and you have my best wishes!
Yesterday, I had a marriage ceremony to attend. It was one of my friends, who got legally slaughtered! As one not-so-famous guy once commented: "Either you are married, or you are happy" LOL
Jokes apart, anyone who has ever attended a Bengali matrimonial ceremony would agree, that it is a tedious affair. The groom who is called 'bor' in Bengali becomes a showpiece and howsoever intelligent or clever he is in actual, there's no respite for him.
Take yesterday's case (or should I say, today's?). The 'lagna' (timing prescribed by priest) was at 12:15 am. And it continued till 3:30 am. Oh, it was so painful, for the eyes. There were innumerable occasions, when I felt I would fall down from my chair, as the eyes refused to stay awake and the body gave in to sleepy temptations. Nevertheless, it required the strong will of myself and the sight of beautiful maidens sitting at the other end to keep my eyes open! Well finally it was through. I dared to think about having some sleep when, at 4:00 am coffee was served. Whatever little sleep was planned, vanished in thin air! Next was a series of musical debates. Our team on the groom's end was as strong (dare say, even stronger!) than theirs. However people put on mighty performances at both ends. There were songs and dance. There were instrumentals as well. I had never imagined that squashed polythene cups and fiber chairs can be put to such good use in the form of musical instruments! You should have been there to believe it yourself. Suddenly I glanced at my watch and it was 6 am. We packed and left the place.
There were much coaxing from the bride's kith and kin, so that we would stay till late. But what to do, there's more to life than attending a marriage ceremony!


vimmuuu said...

U kidding me?? I loved the Bengali wedding I attended...its soooo much fun. We keralites, believe it or not, have our wedding only for 5-10 minutes; yes, the entire ceremony, and then its sitting in some chair and posing for photographs with a plastic smile :D

Btw, the groom is called a BORE ??? LOL...

oorjas said...

so how did u find time to post..?

Belated happy Valentine's day..!

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


hehehe.. :D
he is called 'bor' and eventually he gets 'bored' :)
yeah its true, man!


'where there is a will, there is a way'
and yes, belated happy valentine's day to you too!

mirrorcracked said...

"Wish my secret lovers and admirers a very Happy Valentines Day!"

Ahem... Hehe!

Chiranjib said...


hehe.. :D

Indyeah said...

arre! this is so much like the weddings in UP :D
long tedious fun food and bouts of sleeping in between coz its tiring as hell!
my eyes hurt too by the end of it!
who came up with this night/dawn marriage idea?:D

Chiranjib said...


Well the idea is definitely a brain child of our ancestors... :D