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Saturday, March 14, 2009

As of now

Hey friends

How are you? The lazy bloke, that I am, I have again skipped the blogging classes!
In the mean time, a lot has been happening! I have literally become a workaholic, giving little time to myself or my thoughts! It has all been work, work and more work! And to say the truth, am really happy with it, coz, work helps a person stay occupied. Free time is like hell for me! I simply cannot decide what should be done. I have devised an easy way nowadays, though! Guess what! SLEEP! What else... Relax your body, move silently in your dreams and sleep. That's it and all. And I utilize whatever free time I have, in that manner.

And I am sorry! I have not been visiting the blogs, that I love to! I would try and make up for that. Nothing more to jot down at this point in time. Sometimes, I feel, with my profile visible to all with my name and all, I might have to switch to an anonymous version of my blog, coz, you know what! I feel crippled in terms of expressing my feelings.

Take care.


Varun said...

That's absolutely fine mate! Work sometimes needs more attention... Enjoy your work and come back when you are free.

Chiranjib Mazumdar said...


I am back! ...at least for now, mate... :D