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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free to fly!

You are independent today.
Free of all bounds,
Free from the shackles,
Go bird!
You are free today!
Experience the world,
Fly high and reach for the stars,
Explore new destinations,
Never ever look back,
For what is there in this old wretched household!
You deserve much more!
For what is there in the mundane colors!
You deserve vibrant ones, shades of red, pink and golden!
You demanded independence!
So you have it!
Do not wait here.
Because you are free now.
Free to fly,
Free to explore,
The world is your playground.
Go and enjoy!
What with all the tears?
Do not shed...
They are precious!
You have everything you wanted
What more do you want?
Go bird, go!
Do not push my boat over muddy waters and cry
"Could you not have stayed a bit longer?"

Go bird go...

Because, if you wait,
It would raise hope,
It would raise expectations!

Expectations kill.
Please... please...
I don't want to die!

Go bird go...

Image source: http://www.freebirdwatching.com


Anonymous said...

hey nice one..

i have been busy lately.. a workoholic just as u wrote in your last post. will try to be regular now..

Chiranjib said...


Comments like this really inspire me.

And yes, be a regular blogger! :D
I like your posts.

vishesh said...


Chiranjib said...



Anonymous said...

Go bird go? :D
Seriously? :D

Chiranjib said...


hahaha.. :D
Already gone! :D