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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Alone in the dark night
Sitting on the rock
Shoulders dropping
Eyes drooping
He tries to get up
He tries hard
But cannot..
He tries to surmount the shackles
But cannot..
He tries again
Tries and tries hard
Again and again...
Still cannot!
He asks himself, "Why?"
"Something stopping me???"
And then, it dawns on him
Chains they are!
Chains entangled all around him!
Chains which cannot be broken!
Shackles which cannot be overcome!
But why?
Did he try enough?
He did not...
So, try, try hard, try harder, try hardest!
Gather all might and break free!
But... still the shackles remain
The chains intact...
They would not let him budge
How long? How long would he stay there...
How long can the chains keep him under control...
How long the obstacles would restrain him?
Time is running away
No food, no rest, no sleep
None at sight
No help at hand
Something needs to be done fast
But how!


oorjas said...

it is the bondage of life no one can get away from...

body may be tied but the sprit is free.....

i don't know if what i write is relevent to this post but that's what came to my mind while reading this.

mirrorcracked said...

Good one, dude... Good play on words in the middle :)

Chiranjib said...


yeah... what u say is absolutely true...


thanks, man! :)

Varun said...

Who's he was the first question that came to my mind but then realized any person can fall into a situation like this.

Chiranjib said...


Yes mate... :)