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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Election / Selection

The elections are here once more. The actors are getting prepared for the final rehearsals, babbling out their memorandum. Nobody is an enemy here, none is a friend. Its only the matter of time and then, enemies can reunite and friends can part. Nasty game this! One thing for sure, you need to be very good in mathematics, else numbers can crumble in front of your very eyes. Came across the ad campaign of jaagore.com. It's good, an eye opener. It makes us think hard about what we are really doing for our country. Are we using our responsibilities well? Of course not! Else, how come criminals and mafias rule the country? And we individually think about it and resign to the fact that what can "I" do alone! No. Its a collective responsibility. If I do it, you do it, he hoes it, she does it, they do it, tell me: Are we really alone?

But yes, election needs good selection as well. Personally, I feel the following, when it comes to selection of the right individual to vote in the locality.

  • See what educational and cultural background he has.
  • In case he had been previously elected, how had been his performance then.
  • Does he have a criminal record? Then strictly NO vote to him.
  • Do not give priority to the party he hails from.
  • Do not give priority to what rest of your family and friends think about. Of course, it is a democracy and you can see for yourself how much one has done.
  • Do not waste your vote.
Of course, rigging and booth capture is a hard truth in many parts of the country and thanks to the musclemen, criminals can rule even from jail! I don't know whether such incidents occur in other countries, but in India, it happens.

As far as various political issues are concerned, we should keep our eyes and ears open and only look for neutral sources of news, because in this age of marketing, the media is also being used in a wrong way. Numerous times I have toggled news channels and found the same news being presented with different textures. However, as responsible citizens, we should be able to know what is actually going on in the middle.

I loved the slogan: Be the change you want to see.

How true!


oorjas said...

be the change you want to see..

right we must bring upon the changes. can't wait for someone else to take the initiative.

rightly said.

Chiranjib said...


yes, change is upto us!!!