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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cricket under attack

Away from the blog for the last couple of days, I had been preoccupied with mundane tasks. However, the last few days had been no short of incidents, the most prominent being the attack on the Sri Lankan team by the terrorists. No act of contempt is enough to condemn the deed. Hitting out at innocent sports personalities who were also proud ambassadors of their own nation defies all sense of morality and principles. However, I am crazy to have even expected this out of them, who do not spare babies and children!

Straight talk: Pakistan needs to tighten up the screws on the fundamentalists, if at all they want to avert such incidents. We are all amazed at how all the miscreants could leave the scene unscathed. Invariably, comparisons with the Mumbai attack are being drawn, but the cops and security forces out here had acted far more efficiently by nabbing one alive and killing the rest.
Today they blame India for the whole act (without any proof!). How funny! And to think all the terrorist outfits have their roots in their own land! Clearly, their democratic (or pseudo democratic) Government is incapable of reigning in the extremist elements and the army! Since independence, how many times have they been under a democratic form of Government? Every time, the country has sought democracy, it has been overturned!

I read in the newspaper today that former Pakistan cricketers like Miandad and Butt are blaming Chris Broad for maligning their security forces, 6 of whom had laid down their lives. However, how can we ignore Broad's words! The ministers are provided 6 to 7 times security than what the Lankan team had been provided with. This, after all International teams had declined to play matches in Pakistan and the PCB was in dire need of money! Still, there was a time when the whole contingent was being fired at indiscriminately and none of the security forces were at sight. Khalil, the driver of the team bus had been able to drive till Gaddafi, but what about the other vehicle. It was left at the mercy of the terrorists! Younis Khan has reportedly commented and requested the whole world not to let Pakistan cricket die and not to alienate the cricket crazy nation. Yes, we are all with them! But when will they kill the root to all these? When will they stop blaming India and look at rectifying themselves? When will foreign teams and delegates be provided with top notch securities? When will their cops stop yelling things like,"Why don't you drive yourself?"(when requested to help out of a war zone)? When will enmity and hatred give way to peace and friendship? Do they have answers to all of these? I guess not!

Image source: www.timesonline.co.uk

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