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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chak de ladkiyan!

I was going through this post by Preposterous Girl. Though written with a humorous touch, there is a brooding quotient to it. I suggest all you girls to go through it once. The post made me think hard, think whether the society has still matured to accept women as equals to men. Though we claim to have equal rights for men and women alike, probably there are unwritten codes of conduct for a section of the society. And we question the moral character immediately when the decorum is not maintained. I have an uncle who had once said, "I don't like women cycling to school or colleges!" I was a kid then. But still, I could not understand, why so! Even today, I don't understand, why so! For a gigantic part of the male dominated Indian society, till today, women are considered to be objects of lust! Nothing more than that! Whereas, there are no differences except for the physical makeup!

Many would probably say, they do not want their female friends, girlfriends, spouses, mothers, sisters, aunties to be attacked by miscreants and as a measure of caution, it is only fit to stay indoors and be extra cautious and conservative while outdoors. My question is: Who are we running away from? Here we need to choose between fight and flight. I choose 'fight' and why not! Running away from problems only exaggerates them.

Have you ever faced a dog? Try and run away from it. I assure that you would not be spared. Rather try and face it. There are high chances of it running away.

So, are you faced with a troublesome guy? Do you sense being ogled at?
Give a hard stare back. Smile and say, "Yes? Want to say something?" I assure that the person would keep his high-ended ambitions in check. Keep a pepper spray handy. Who knows, you may need one. And if you see nothing is working, give a hard kick on 'you-know-where'.
That should do the trick!

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oorja said...

recently Smita (our bookworm) also wrote about this.

i think atleast a strong stare is a must.

it is absurd to think that women can be protected by keeping them locked in the house.

Chiranjib said...

yes, I totally agree with you... I would go through Smita's post for sure... thanks for sharing the information! :)

free bird said...


free bird said...

what wud u say abt this!!!

Chiranjib said...

@free bird

I had read the news before as well. It is sad that the society is still so much uncultured, so sex starved, so devoid of moral values and minimum sense of ethics. But you know what, people like these should be dished out exemplary punishment.

Check this:

This is how criminals of such heinous crimes should be treated... not by sealing off women indoors...

"Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high..." , said Rabindranath Tagore. This is one of my fav quotes. Keep your head high and say proudly, "I am a woman." Let the world see the collective power. Yes, there would be stray cases. But let the world know that you should not be messed with. Be confident. Be positive. Say cheers to life with a big smile. Take care. :)

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Nice post , And loved preposterous girl 's post . I don't see any reason why a girl should not wear or walk or do whatever we feel like doing . Nobody should live their life's in fear :) . .

Chiranjib said...

Am glad that you liked it. :)
And yes, that's the spirit!!!

indyeahforever said...

Chiranjib!first a BIG thank you for leading me to that post by Preposterous girl:)

and thank YOU for wrtiting about this..
made me smile:))
because I am proud to have friends who think like this:))

Chiranjib said...


Hey! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Well, that's how I feel and that's how the entire male fraternity should feel. It's pretty unfortunate that many do not!

preposterous girl said...

Hi Chiranjib.
A really warm thanks to u that u took an initiative to let other people knw that just locking up women indoors is not a solution..Even after awareness campaigns, people are still bound in ths shackles of age-old hypocrisies.. We have to fight back against all that. and what can be better thatn writting abt that.As the saying goes "Pen is mightier than sword"
And it was really good to see a male doing this..Commendable Job!!
P.S. Indyeah forever and Fantasies of a lifetime
Thanks for liking my post. I hope u all wil take this chain ahead and make more and more girls aware..

Chiranjib said...

@ preposterous girl
Hey don't you mention that! :D
I thought that I was doing myself a world of good! Let this campaign take full force! Let the world know that 'women are back'!