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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A hot afternoon collage

I looked at the sky
A gamut of blue with a golden tinge
The Sun shining brightly
A hot sensation

I looked at my hands
Drops of pseudo-dew
Emanating an uncomfortable smell of my body
I am accustomed to it

The heat taking its toll
There, I see that naked little boy
trying to have a few drops of water from the corporation tap on the road-side
Poor him, all he gets is a drop
And then there is no more..
He looks at the sky..
Thirst written all over his face
His little body smeared with perspiration
The shabby old linen pant now only a discolored image of what it had been...

There's a crow perched high up on the tree
She has a piece of 'chappati'..
which she does not feel like having..
Every day, she waits for her partner
But today, he had not arrived
She wonders why..
Looks here and there
Tiny eyes search frantically

And yet, no signs whatsoever for him to return
She keeps the 'chappati' on a high branch
Held in position by her claws
Oh.. the weather is unbearable..

I observe all of these and more..
An unpleasant feeling all around..
Amongst all species..
As the day slowly goes from morning to noon..
There's an increasing feeling of 'no respite'

As I move down the small alley towards my house
I notice something on the road..
Oh.. a bird.. a crow..
he had fell off while in flight
Unable to survive the pain...
The heat being unbearable...
I am appalled at its plight..

I take him in my hand..
He stares at me with a blank expression
Probably trying to utter a word or two
For me to pass on to someone?
Oh is she the one perched high on that tree?

But, oh no, he is no more..
I take him on my hand and move towards the tree
Where his partner (?) had been waiting for so long..

As soon as she notices me..
She flies away!
The 'chappati' falls off to the ground
Still intact in its round shape
Still untouched

As I bow down to take a look at the round piece..
Suddenly there is a loud groan above my head
The clouds begin their rambling
The drops flow
I close my eyes and feel the cold damp sensation

Finally, the monsoons begin..
Finally, the pain ends..
That naked boy dances in the rain *jai ho*

The ground is wet..
And wet are the eyes of that tiny little bird who lost her partner not so long ago!

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oorjas said...

that is so nicely written..

glad that finally it is raining.. :-)

Chiranjib said...

@ oorjas

and yes.. I am glad too :)

Rachit Goel said...

nice one...liked it to the brim...


Chiranjib said...

@Rachit Goel

Hey... Welcome to my blog! Am glad that you liked it. Keep visiting! :)