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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yahoo! I am smart, at last!

Wow... I am showered with compliments these days. Recently some one referred to me, saying, "See, he has become so smart!" [as if I had been so stupid before!] Seriously, there are people who love passing remarks to individuals based on their own opinions, notwithstanding how they themselves get evaluated! There was this granny of mine who always used to compare me with another guy and invariably gave him higher points based on his 'smartness'.

Now, all these years, I have pondered on this simple question.

What is smartness?
I typed "define: smart" in Google and the most suitable definition I found out was:
showing mental alertness and calculation and resourcefulness

Now, is it really the definition of that hot girl with the rosy lipsticks on? ...or for that matter, the tall dark handsome guy who wears his sunglasses even while he is indoors just to show off how cool he is! Well, perceptions vary. That's the word - 'perception'. I liked the character of Surinder in 'Rab ne banaa di jodi'. [No, he doesn't even remotely resemble me] But I bet, he was smarter than his trendy avataar in jeans and stuffs. Although I am sure, many girls may not admit that.

Now, does all of these constitute smartness?
  1. Biking at high speed ..Dhoom style (..leaving behind a trail of obnoxious CO2 and CO)
  2. Flexing the muscles (err.. flesh)
  3. Wearing a goggles (even while indoors)
  4. Speaking non-stop (without the patience of hearing out the partner)
  5. Talking in a highly stylish manner (as if each word from the mouth has a price tag of a 100 dollars)
  6. Smoking a cigar and puffing in your face (bad manners)
  7. Winking (oh so cool)
  8. Showing a pair of 32 teeth now and then (I thought, that's callousness)
But I see a hundred 'smart' dudes and babes daily, doing just (all or some of) these. I asked one friend of mine who had forgotten to wink seeing a girl at the mall, "Hey buddy, what's with her?"
"Oh man! She's so smart!", pat came the answer. I looked in the direction. She was good looking, carried herself well, had a nice figure. But did all of that constitute smartness? We never had the clue as to her mental alertness or resourcefulness. But as per my dear friend's dictionary, she was 'smart'.

On that same scale, I was just un-smart till yesterday. Today, I was rated 'smart'. Wonder, what constituted the rating!

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preposterous girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
preposterous girl said...

:) Me too liked Surinder rather than that flashy , louder version of SRK..
Wow.. I figured out reading ur post that I'm smart as well though I dnt fit into the definiton which the society follows..Buy I'm happy atleast I'm one according to the dictionary.. :P
Removed earlier comment dur to some typos.. :)

preposterous girl said...

Huh one more typo.. its due not dur.. Now m not deleting it..Looks like need to catch up with some more sleep.. :-D

Chiranjib said...

@ preposterous girl
:) Good that you are smart! Not many are...

Valerine said...

Well I just remember Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump nd his dialogue..'Stupid is what stupid does'
Well smartness is of course the first impression that is the looks...But then to sustain that impression its very important to have brains or intellect which comes when one talks.....
And I believe that intelligence + beauty stays in memory longer than just the looks..

Chiranjib said...

@ Valerine
I have my objection there. Why do people confuse smartness with looks? How you look is a physical attribute, whereas smartness is not!

But, yes, I agree that beauty with brains is a winner any day!

Indyeah said...

tell me about it :)
have come across so many people who 'look' perfectly fine until they open their mouths :D
THEN the illusion is broken :)

so yeah I know what you are talking about :)

PS:-someone recognised your smartness?:D :P
Congratulations! :P

Chiranjib said...


Valerine said...

Well its like if you conduct yourself in a manner which speaks of your intelligence & people dun mock @ u or u dun becum an entertainment factor.....its smartness according to me..

Chiranjib said...

hahahaha :D
Well I mock at myself every day! :D
And if you are able to make a mockery of yourself, you'll see it hardly matters whatever others feel or make of you!